Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Green lights for Lyme on CN Tower

Finally the day arrived: May 11 - the day when Toronto's famous landmark, the CN Tower, would go green for Lyme Disease Awareness!

It was cold and breezy and with lots of construction around the tower, it was an adventure to get ourselves down to the assigned spot. But Lymies are nothing if not determined. About 30 of us walked, drove, shuttled and subwayed ourselves to the foot of the tower.

We were disappointed, though, when the green wasn't solid as promised, but mixed with blue. It was very hard to take proper pictures, showing green from bottom to top! We figured the blue was mixed in for the Maple Leafs or Blue Jays (sports teams, for those who, like me, don't really know sports).

But that didn't put a damper on us. We laughed, made fun, hugged, swung glow sticks, bopped each other with blow-up flags, bounced and jumped to stay warm and generally had fun!

Pictures are uploaded to an online album but will be shared here too. Oh and I just had an email that another Canadian icon will go green on Saturday ... more info to follow as soon as it is confirmed! It is in another province, and we hope pictures will follow!

So -- a group of us arrived at the CN Tower before sundown, which was after 8 pm. We had to traipse and walk and encounter detours, climb over construction, watch out for walls and generally walk way more than we bargained for! But we met under the Canadian flag as planned, thanks to Mary who scouted out the place before the time.

As darkness approached, we could see the colour starting to show on the tower.

But it kept getting blue in there as well, which made it very difficult to get pictures!

Nice one with green at top and bottom, and just a little blue in the middle, as the lights were changing.

Arno behind the camera, trying to capture some pictures while the tower was green.

Canadian flag waving in the corner.

The group gathering at the tower, wrapped and layered against the cold!

Kevin and I -- moving as Arno tried to get a shot. I think it is kind of cool, though, with the tower green and the moving heads in front!

Cari and Kevin in front of the tower.

Cold people chatting. Yes, it is Canada, but this was the middle of May and we didn't expect temps that low! In fact, the next day there was snow in the air.

Mary, Debra and I in front of the green tower.

Grandma and grandkids in front of the green tower, holding signs that said .....

... I was only 5 years old when my Nannie got sick; and I have never seen my Nannie well, but I would really like to!

Bob seems to be a little chilly .... he wasn't wearing enough layers!

Our photographer for the group shot, Arno, on his back on the ground, taking the picture upside-down! Some kind soul thought to keep him warm with a green blankie .....

Now we are getting ready for the green lights on Niagara Falls on Friday, May 17! People are driving over from the USA, driving down from all over Ontario, and flying out from BC and Nova Scotia. 
Remember to those who are driving to Niagara Falls, there is paid parking all over the place and you can buy a pass for the WeGo buses (formerly Peoplemovers). Parking is usually free by the Floral Clock and the buses should pick up there too. LINK: WeGo

Meeting place for the green lights on the Falls: Table Rock at the Horseshoe Falls. First block of green lights is at 9:00 pm for 15 minutes.  See you there!
Original post on this blog about the green CN Tower: Tower will go green!

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chillin with Quillin said...

great pics, glad it went well !!!!

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