Monday, April 01, 2013

Bus from Brampton to Niagara Falls, May 17

At least a dozen people said they would like to be on the bus on Friday evening, May 17, to view the green lights on Niagara Falls. There are 48 seats in total. With the people who are confirmed to go on the bus, it means there are still about 36 seats available.

The bus leaves Brampton at 6:00 pm on the Friday evening and should return before 11:00 pm to be back in town before midnight. You can  leave your car at the meeting place to pick up again after the trip. I suggest we meet around the Freshco area at Bramalea City Centre. See the map at

If you would like to secure your spot on the bus, please send me a cheque for $10 (Canadian), or use this PayPal button if that's easier. I'll pay for the bus with my personal credit card. PayPal, however, takes a fee of about 59c on each $10 transaction. If you could add those cents, it would be appreciated since 48 x 59c might make a bit of difference to the total in the end. To make arrangements for cheque payments, just hit the Contact button at the top of this screen. If you receive this blog via email, you might have to go to the blog on the internet: Meerkat's Heap

I'm in conversation with several high-profile people in Niagara Falls and have confirmation that MPP Kim Craitor, who is supportive of our plight regarding Lyme Disease, will be attending. 


Are there people in Buffalo, NY or the Fort Erie, Ontario area who are planning to be at the Peace Bridge on May 17? The green lights will shine on the bridge from dusk to 1:00 am to help raise awareness about Lyme Disease. I'm not aware of anyone arranging for a group to meet at the bridge, on either side or in the middle. If you would like to arrange such a meeting, please contact me if you want green T-shirts. I could probably order a bunch extra for the Brampton Lyme Disease Awareness Day on May 18 and ship them to a central person who can distribute them and collect donations, if any, to cover costs and shipping.

Anyone interested to arrange a meeting or meetings around the Peace Bridge on the evening of May 17, 2013?

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