Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tobermory5 meet at Wonderland!

In July, we went camping with some other friends at Tobermory, the lovely town at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. Five of the kids bonded, and had great fun together during the weekend. Four of them managed to get together - the adults went to great pains to have them spend some time before summer's end. We took them to Canada's Wonderland for the day. Pics are linked below, and our Skyflyer adventure (with a link to the video clip) can be seen in the album too.


Aug 12, 2006 - 39 Photos

Next meeting for the Tobermory 5 is at the end of September, during Croptober.

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jburkhart said...

Wow....those are great photos of your trip...I love amusement parks...took my daughter(12) to her first roller coaster ride earlier this summer...she was scared silly....still didn't get her on a loopy one, but maybe next time!

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