Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another meal - eggplant

Some friends wanted to know how the new restricted diet is going.
Well, inventing all new things as we go along!

Last night's meal was a concoction of fried onion and garlic, eggplant sliced in and nicely softened in cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). It looked a bit bland, so in went the trusty green standby, broccoli!

It was great, just enough for a meal, and followed by fresh berries (strawberries, blackberries and blueberries) with a little Stevia, really hit the spot.

Combination picture quickly made, not prettied up with any shadows.

When Arno came in much later from his seminar, he was sniffing the air and commenting on how good it smelled!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Starting the restricted Lyme diet (doctor's orders)

With the added diagnoses of Babesia and Bartonella infections, the doctor was serious about me sticking to a very strict diet to starve the bugs and support the antibiotics: No yeast, sugar, white flour, cheese, mushrooms, overripe fruit, alcohol in any form, and a few other things. For the anaemia, eat red meat and have as much green veggies as possible.

So - we went shopping to see what we could find. It is not easy to find something that has all three the requirements of no yeast, no sugar and no white flour! But we managed and I baked some muffins last night. Should have added Stevia (sweetener) to the mix and not just the poppy seeds and lemon juice!

Picture of some of the items we bought. The blue box is the Stevia sweetener, for when needed. I've given up most sugar anyway, but it would be nice to add to home-made tomato sauce for pasta, and we've added it to home-made lemonade as well.

Breakfast was the usual IsaGenix shake with berries. Lunch (too late, though - was feeling very wobbly by then as the blood pressure plummeted) was brown rice, broccoli and red pepper and Arno put a steak on the bbq with just Montreal spice on it. Fried onions on top - bug-busting capabilities in onions and garlic!
Isn't it pretty?

Since it was Mother's Day, Theo wanted to cook a special meal. He did his best to stay within the restrictions, even though I told him I won't keel over just yet! He made it all mostly green --- in "honour" of Lyme Disease month. Made his own pesto sauce which I enjoyed on the salad, and the grilled chicken was delicious! Dessert was fresh strawberries, sprinkled with a little bit of Stevia.

All in all, not a bad day of sticking to the rules! I'll miss the potatoes yet, and the mushrooms, not to mention the cheese ... but at least eggs are allowed!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

After the Lyme Rally

YESSSS! We did it!! About 50 or 60 of us, several with canes, some in wheelchairs, others supported by family and friends, gathered at Parliament Hill, Ottawa on May 6. The weather was beautiful, and all of us could find hope, support, love and shared stories in the process. Trudy, you done good, girl!

Trudy, with the cane, arranged the rally. To the right is James Christie, who has suffered from Lyme for 21 years, but with the help of Steve (picture link at the end of this entry), is hopefully well enough, stubborn enough, and planning to cycle 2000 km around Ontario to bring Lyme Awareness.

We want a few basic rights: To have better tests, more awareness, support for the disease, and the right to be treated in Ontario / Canada instead of having to go to the USA. Read the signs --- and know, whenever you meet a Lymie, no matter how good they seem to be, there is always, always pain. We learn to hide it well!


If you want one of the T-shirts, please read the next entry in this blog, just below this one, or click on the right of the page to go to the earlier entries.

Link to the radio interview with Goldhawk on "Goldhawk Fights Back" was recorded by a friend, will be cleaned up from ads and the download link added to the blog soon if anyone is interested.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

T-shirt and buttons for the Ottawa Lyme Rally

Struggled with yet another neglected Lyme-related eye infection in the left eye last week. Opthalmologists didn't know what to do. Hopefully help will be coming from a doctor in the USA, who went out of his/her way to arrange a cancelled appointment for me. (I'm keeping it ambiguous for protection. Don't think we're paranoid. We've been proven right and we're doing our best to protect our few LLMDs left (Lyme-Literate Medical Doctors).

We spent the weekend, among other things, making a few T-shirts for the Ottawa rally. As it happens, next Sunday will also be Crazy T-shirt day at church, and I can use the same shirt for that, as well as boost May as Lyme Awareness month in Brampton!

There might be three extra T-shirts left, all size Large, if you would like one. Just to cover my costs, $12 should do it. Let me know if you want one, please?

Also made about a dozen of these buttons below, three slightly different designs, all featuring the green ribbon and the legend "May is Lyme Awareness Month". Those should go for about $1.50 to cover costs. The paper inside is transfer paper, so can also be used to iron onto the pocket of a T-shirt or something later if you wish. Size is about 2.5 inch / 7 cm in diameter.

Let's make this May a very Lyme Aware month! Never know when the knowledge might help save someone else's life or sanity.

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