Sunday, January 14, 2007

Layout and Postcard Template

Just made another template, only because I wanted to scrap some pictures with a postcard theme.

So, the link to download, in separate PNG files and a PSD file, can be found on 4shared if you would like to share. Terms of Use are included, in text and graphic format. Please leave a comment if you take the freebie? (Scroll down, read anycomments on this post and then click to add your own if you want.)

We love going to the lake in winter, as guests of our friends. Great to walk on the frozen lake, enjoy the snow, or sunshine, or whatever the weather brings!

But you don't want to know all that, you came here for the freebie, right? Remember to post a link to where you upload your layout if you use it, so I can leave a comment for you, please!

Download the zipped file, at 200 ppi, from here.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sailing away

Played a little while with a freebie Quickpage from Stacy Carlson and Kathryn Mhire; through the FridayFreebie newsletter. It was a page with title "Sailing away" and I just had the perfect pictures to use!

The Quickpage is great, with wonderful colours, and I played with some effects in the sails and adding some small pictures of the city skyline.

The bigger layout is here if you want to see more, or read /post comments.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Tree Trekking!

Never heard of this? We've been talking about going tree trekking / tree hiking / walking in the clouds for some time now. Basically it consists of cables or suspension bridges or other combinations, linking trees together, and you walk metres above the ground, admiring different views, testing your limits and challenging yourself.

We went to Horseshoe Valley for a weekend, but with no snow, there was not much to do! The Sunday we booked ourselves on a Tree Trekking expedition, which takes 3 hours, including training. It was great! We walked on tightropes, balanced on round pieces of wood, stepped carefully on rungs that would flip over or down, flung ourselves down zip lines -- talk about exhilirating!

The layout was made with a template by Marlie from the CSE3 group, but I added some pics. A bigger view is in the 3Scrapateers gallery if you want to post feedback or have a closer look and more info.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shutterfly book

Have you tried having some of your pictures (or layouts if you scrapbook) printed in a hardcover book? I've done one earlier in 2006 through one company, and about five since November 2006 through Shutterfly.

We are thoroughly impressed with Shutterfly's service, and the quality of the books! When one was faulty, it was replaced.

The latest book is hardcover, with some of my pictures (digital scrapbook pages) on the front and back covers, as part of the cover (not pasted on). Inside, full-bleed pages with wonderful colours have all our friends ooh-ing and aah-ing.

The Shutterfly website is quite helpful when you create your first book, but Sunni from SBE also created a step-by-step instruction page with pictures and especially hints about creating the front and back covers. Check it out if you like! The link to a text-only description is here, and a pdf document with pictures is is here.

Hubby looked at my albums, consisting of printed layouts on photo paper, and said -- these printed books will take up a lot less space, and you can read the title on the spine ... LOL So maybe that is the way of the future!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First post of 2007, and a template freebie

Blessings to all for a good and happy (and productive) 2007!

Thank you to all the people who share digital layouts, templates, ideas, sketches, elements and more. I always try to keep up with sharing and such, but --- Real Life gets in the way, doesn't it?

However, I've tried my hand at creating a scrapbook layout template. If you haven't discovered templates yet, please look at some of the blogs linked on the right, or the SBB or SBE store. Templates make scrapbooking easy! (see notes below is this is an unfamiliar term) You fill the shapes with the papers or elements of your choice, add your pictures and journaling, and you are done.

I've tried to make a template of a favourite layout made some years ago. The template is 12x12 inch (square), at 300 ppi, but can be resized as you like. Please remember to leave a comment ("leave some love") if you download the template, and post your layout link when you use it so we can see and comment for you! We all love comments ...

Layout is here if you want to see a bigger view: Laughter

Template can be downloaded from here in psd format (this is my first try to save as psd; hope it works!) or in several png files from here.
Look on the page for the small "download file" link - you might have to wait a few seconds for it to appear.

To post comments, scroll down, and look for the small link that says "post comment" at the end of this blog entry.

Most templates are done in layered format, so that you can open and fill each shape individually. They could be in Photoshop (psd) or layered PNG formats, with transparency. If it still sounds like gibberish, just do a Google for tutorial scrapbooking templates or something. Julie Kelley has a great tutorial for using layered templates on her blog.

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