Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grab Life

Wasp dipping in
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The short night was made shorter because of two girl cats wanting attention early, and then arguing over it in the middle of the bed, between us. They made no sound, but their bouncing around is enough to wake up the sleepers!

So, upsa-daisy and the morning started with talking and laughter, with all three guys home to go do some special work at some or other company. They'll probably be gone all day. I cuddled the bunny, emptied the dishwasher, wiped up some rabbit pellets, got some rabbit hugs, toasted the Bulla for breakfast and fed the cheeky squirrels outside. Yes I know that's not how others eat Bulla, but we love it toasted, with butter, all crunchy and comforting! It is one of the new additions to our diet, discovered in the last few years.

With the menfolk gone, the house quieted down -- ironing calls, dusting and vacuuming and straightening up should be done.

Camera in hand, I found a busy wasp dipping his head completely into a raspberry blossom, holding onto the find with both paws, and not caring that hair was sticking up, bottom swaying from side to side - just embracing what is given!

SOOC -- Straight out of the Camera Saturday. Thanks, Melody, for your inspiration on "Slurping Life"!

Slurping Life

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pet collection

Our pets amuse and amaze us, give us love and companionship. We've always had pets, but when we came to Canada in 1997 and lived in an apartment, we had no animal friends. We could only take it for seven months before adopting Patches and a few hamsters for the boys!

Since then, we've always had pets. And Arno, who grew up with dogs, is now a confirmed cat lover!

After Patches went over the Rainbow Bridge, we adopted Chatter. He is almost 9 years old now. He is very big, and very tall as well! Usually almost impossible to take his picture because his features just disappear, this one was snapped last night thanks to some tweaks on the camera. Even his single white whisker on his left can be seen!

A year after Chatter, Essie followed. She was about 2 pounds when we got her (all our cats are from shelters) and she was scared stiff. Now she thinks she owns the house! Her eyes are always closed in pictures, but last night, thanks to camera tweaks, this one could be snapped while she was playing on the bed.

Dusty (Destiny) is a Ragdoll cat - never thought we'd ever have one of these placid darlings! She is a sweetheart, and incredibly mild-tempered. Her colouring is amazing.

Goomba is Jenni and Theo's lop-eared rabbit, but we have cuddling rights. He was resting quietly for a few minutes and this picture was possible.

Thought for the day: When a cat is purring and sleeping on your lap, you shall remain seated for as long as it takes!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caressing Cloud

Caressing Cloud
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There was a storm with lightning - which I love -- but a man was struck by lightning and killed during the storm.
I kept thinking about it, while trying to take pictures of our friendly softball game, played with clouds and sunshine taking turns.
And then this gentle hand appeared,
smoothing out the dark, angry clouds,
softly saying, "I'm here, I am your comfort, and I'll dry all the tears."

The picture stayed with me all night, and was the first thing I thought about when waking up this morning, along with a prayer for the family in their loss.

Pledge for today: be gentle with the loved ones, every day.

(SOOC, no changes, just watermark added)

Best Shot Monday

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First SOOC shot - Green and red

Frustrated with the lack of creativity, the battle with the exhaustion of Lyme disease and trying to function every day, I stumbled on a blog called "Slurping Life" - it immediately struck a cord, although it took a while to find out what SOOC means! (Straight Out of the Camera; in other words, undedited.) And I'm still not sure how to share any of the pictures taken with her blog, but I grabbed the camera, kept an eye on the building thunderclouds and started crawling around the back yard.

The picture here was untouched, other than adding my watermark. Upon opening it on the computer, I noticed the grub, adding another bit of texture to the combinations already caught in the frame!

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