Friday, November 24, 2006

Santa Claus parade, pet peeve and such

Hello, everyone!

I'm sure nobody stops by here regularly, because updates are few and far between ... We've been incredibly busy! Last weekend was the Santa Claus parade, and our youth members entered a float for the first time. It was a wonderful night out, with people lining the streets of the route 5 and 6 deep. Not too cold, dry streets - not even one snowflake - the smell of hot chocolate in the air, and excited children buzzing and giggling, all bundled up.

The pictures can be found online here if anyone wants to take a look.

Anyway, while looking for pictures to use on a 2007 calendar for family, I found an old picture I made some years ago. My pet peeve is when people leave the lid of a toilet up while flushing. The menfolk have been well-trained very early on in this household - all toilets are always closed, except when in use! So, the picture was made (4x6 inch) for the benefit of visitors or guests, printed and placed in all the bathrooms in the house.

Here is a small view of it - all items were created by me, and the picture is an old, free stock photo. Would anyone be interested in downloading a printable version, 100 ppi? Just post a comment with your email, and I'll send it off!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Did a Reiki course!

Hi, everyone - don't think many people read here, but no matter.

What a week last week was! Hardly touched ground, didn't ge to reply to emails as I wanted to, didn't get to visit blogs and post comments --- so please forgive me if I didn't reciprocate something you posted or sent!

What took up a large chunk of time, was that I did a training course in Reiki this last weekend. It ran on the Friday evening until 10.30 pm, the whole of Saturday, and again Sunday afternoon after church, into the evening.

It was wonderful! To feel the energy flowing through your hands, to learn the gentle power, to be able to help others and yourself in the process - a wonderful gift.

I really want to create some digital items or layouts or quickpages or something to share, but this weekend is a craft sale I'm working for, so maybe not before next week! Please keep checking back if you want to see if there might be something you would like to pick up. You can also just enter your email address on the right, under my profile link, to be updated by email if there are changes in the blog.

Any Reiki people out there? Please post a comment and a link of where I can get in touch with you!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Freebie - Yellow 8x5 inch quickpage

Just because I haven't posted in a while, and I've been downloading some items these last two days --- hopefully someone can use this page! It is a rectangular page, created from my "Denim and Yellow" page kit (or Denim and Chicks - whatever you want to call it!)

To the right is a pic of the full kit, if you click on it, you should see a bigger view.

The quickpage is on 200 ppi, and made to hold one photo. I've used it to scrap an old university picture, as well as a separate page or front page for a recipe book, as in the sample below. The sample is what the quickpage looks like. I haven't yet put it into an online gallery so you can see more, but hopefully can do so this afternoon (this is just a thumbnail).

If you can use the page, here is the download link - but please, if you take it, leave me some love here, would you? And if you use the page, please post the link so we can go see what you did!

The link will be live for seven (7) days from today, Oct. 24th, or for 100 downloads.

Download link

Layout using the quickpage: Student Fun - or if this link doesn't work, go to the 3Scrapateers link to the right, in the bar, and you should be taken to my gallery.

Thanks for wanting my stuff - hope you can use it!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another LO - using a template

HI again, everyone

This weekend was very busy, with lots of stuff happening. We also worked on items for the upcoming Craft Show in November at church. Carolyn had bought some handmade items which we used as samples to create about 100 small gifts, decorated with mulberry paper, quotes, ribbon and stickers to sell at the craft sale. It was a great day on Saturday!

Afterwards, I felt like doing some scrapping - haven't done any since going to Windsor for a scrapbooking weekend in September (and those pictures are not even uploaded in a gallery yet. Sigh. Anyone have spare time to trade?)

--links are below or in the right-hand bar; please keep reading! ---

I downloaded a template from Alma Townsend for her October Template Challenge at SBE, and used the kit by Vickey Morrissey (in the July 2006 free SBE Newsletter) to create the layout. The pictures used, are not very good, but I wanted to scrap them, because of the memories, and everything happening around a sick friend. The pictures were taken on Oct. 2004, and she passed away a year later (just a year ago now).

Templates are great fun! The idea is that all the layers are in different colours of grey, and you use your stash of papers, etc. to fill the different layers to create your own layout. It is different from a sketch, in the sense that the shapes and sizes can be selected and filled. Hard to explain - try it yourself!

Links: SBE (Scrapbook-Elements) Monthly newsletter is free, you just have to sign up for it to download the gifts and learn more about challenges, digital scrapbooking, and so on.

Alma Townsend is the author and owner of The ScrapHabit, and she also had a monthly Newsletter.
Her template is available from the SBE Gallery, for the month of October, 2006, so grab it quick! Just read the info under the template to download.

1. Alma's ScrapHabit link
2. Vickey Morrissey's blog
3. Scrapbook-Elements

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ystervarkies - QP layout

Haven't posted anything in a while - it has been going nuts lately!
Meetings, this and that, pets and whatnot - I don't know why we keep so many balls in the air, but I suppose we'll collapse without that, right?

Anyway, I've just managed to scrap an old picture, taken in 2004, of the boys helping to make Ystervarkies (a sweet, chocolatey South African treat). Thumbnail is to the left, and should take you to the gallery on 3Scrapateers where the bigger layout is.
(More info under the bigger layout.)

The quickpage is from J. Burkhart's blog. Thanks so much for sharing!
(or )

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tobermory5 meet at Wonderland!

In July, we went camping with some other friends at Tobermory, the lovely town at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. Five of the kids bonded, and had great fun together during the weekend. Four of them managed to get together - the adults went to great pains to have them spend some time before summer's end. We took them to Canada's Wonderland for the day. Pics are linked below, and our Skyflyer adventure (with a link to the video clip) can be seen in the album too.


Aug 12, 2006 - 39 Photos

Next meeting for the Tobermory 5 is at the end of September, during Croptober.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm a Siamese cat - and you?

Just a bit of fun! Someone sent a website about people's ideas regarding pets, and you can vote on some of the clever, whacky, nutty, funny ideas people have, after free registration. I was just playing around a few minutes, and found a "Cat Quiz" to do while waiting for something to print.

Below is the info and the link if anyone wants to play too.

You Are A Siamese Cat
A Siamese

Have a glorious day, whatever you are doing!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thanks for the thank you cards!

Thank you, to several people who took on the challenge to create a thank you card I could use for our friends who celebrated Citizenship with us (see next post). I think I'm going to use all of them, and there are still templates and cards coming in from others who were playing with the graphics!

I hope you enjoy the graphics you downloaded, and that you will have fun with them. If you create layouts, please send me a link of where you upload so I can post a comment for you!

The combined cards received so far, are in the image in this post. Amazing how different people can use the same graphics to create totally different views!

Again, thank you to all who celebrated with us, and for those who created and sent cards from the Country Styles Gingham kit.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finally citizens!

On July 27th, 2006, a very great day happened for our family: we finally became Canadian citizens!

We came from South Africa to Ontario, Canada, on June 1997 and have settled in to live here, to make friends, to create a support network and to learn to love our adoptive country. Before we stepped off the plane that day in June, we could sing the Canadian anthem, knew the provinces and capital cities, knew the names of the prime ministers, premiers and other officials. We were determined to work as hard as needed to fit in, to embrace everything, from the snow we had never seen at that point, to the lakes which we were unfamiliar with.

Now, after nine years, we can finally call ourselves Canadian. We are grateful to everyone who helped in whatever manner to make us feel at home, to accept us, to love our recipes and food we brought with us, to share in picking up some words from our language, Afrikaans, to embrace us and to create a family for us.

We could not love Canada more if we were born here. That doesn't mean we have sworn off South Africa, because we are what we are, and we are a part of all we have met and everywhere we have been.

If any digital scrapbookers are reading here, would you like to receive a link to a few elements I've created (from the Country Styles Gingham kit) to help make a thank you card by tomorrow, July 31st? I can't seem to think how to put the items together to just drop in a picture on a 6x4 inch size card!
Email me, if you have questions.

If you want to download the items to create a template for a thank you card, please go to the link below. It will be live for two days only, until July 30th (EST). All I ask, is that you post a comment, preferably with your blog link if you have one, when you snag the freebie! When you have created a template, please email it to me.

Preview of what you download is here if you want to take a look first.
Download link (16 Mb) after you have posted a comment is here.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Preview of the Trillium Quickpage

Sorry all - guess something got eaten somewhere! To the right is the sample of the freebie regarding the Trillium post (see below).
There are two pages in the zipped file - one with title "Trillium" and poem, and one without.
Hope it would be useful to someone! (There are links to download from either Rapidshare or Yousendit)

Link to the "Save Ontario's Trillium" post on the blog:
Meerkat's Heap: Save Ontario's Trillium!

If you use a page, would you let me know where to see it, please?


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Save Ontario's Trillium!

There are plans to change Ontario's Trillium logo, at a cost of over $200 thousand!

(Scrapbookers - see the last paragraph and thanks for sharing the news! )

Please don't just trust what I write, but follow the links to the websites below. This is NOT about political parties or politics, it is about leaving well enough alone and to rather change what is needed in the province instead of bothering with a logo.

If you know of friends or have family and friends in Ontario, Canada, please send them to this Blog address, or send the information on to them so that people can be aware of this!! (** See below for more)

Link below from where this was copied (dots left where I left out parts and my bold and italics. Read original on the link below:

The Trillium is a symbol for ALL ONTARIANS .... Ontario's trillium has long been the symbol of hope and opportunity for all. The classic T-shaped logo was first used by the Ontario government more than 40 years ago. It's been used no matter which political party was in power. That is, until now. .... And he's using taxpayer's dollars and a Liberal friendly ad agency to do it. The cost - $219,000 taxpayer dollars to design a new logo.

>>To read more, please go here:
Click on "take action" at the top, or on Share to send it on.

**If you are a scrapbooker (digital or paper) I'll gladly send you a Quickpage in return for reading here, to use for your own pictures, which you can print and keep in an album or frame or give as a gift. Just slip your own pictures in - of a family friend, or of your own trilliums, perhaps.
To get the quickpage: Download from
Yousendit until July 28th here ;
or from
Rapidshare here - and I'll appreciate it if you leave a comment on the blog when you grab the freebie! Always nice to read who liked it enough to snag! **
The quickpage is described here in the Blog, with a link to a bigger view in a gallery. **

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stained Glass kit

Someone searched and found me, to get hold of the Stained Glass kit - glad to help, and glad you like the kit and the quickpages, Susan! Hope you enjoy the elements.

To the right is one of the pages made from the kit, but it includes 7 glass alphabets, and some coloured backgrounds, multi-coloured frames, etc. Should really get scrapping again ...

Oh yes, below is a pic of what the Stained Glass kit looks like with the other items included:

Clicking on the pic to the left should take you to a bigger view.

Clicking on the blue thumbnail above, should take you to the gallery where a bigger view is uploaded.

Have fun whatever you are doing!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Three annoyed cats

Picture of the three cats, taken Sunday afternoon after we got home from gallivanting the whole weekend. They look thoroughly fed-up with us leaving them alone, don't they?

Oscar on the left, Essie with closed eyes and Chatter just giving us his masked wonder look.

We attended the Carabram (Brampton's annual multi-cultural festival), we visited the Lucas Holtom annual fair, we sold cookbooks at the weekly Farmer's Market - it was a full weekend! Pics should be uploaded to the Picasa Web gallery soon, if anyone wants to see more.

The Ukranian pavillion was utterly wonderful when the international group visited on Sunday. The Polish pavillion was something I would have gone back to and spent many more hours at, looking at the rich costumes, enjoying the dances and the music. It reminded us a lot of the South African dances called Volkspele (folk dances), in a way, but more formal.

Link to the web albums:

Raining cats and dogs here --- very happy for the rasberries in the back yard! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006

Had a caricature done!

Well, haven't updated this blog in ages --- life is too busy! Trying to do an update via email now.

Caught a bus to Wonderland this afternoon and met Arno there. Theo was working, and we would have had to go pick him up later anyway. We spent about 4 hours in the park and had several rides without long line-ups. Also a very leisurely meal next to the waterfall, consisting of Teriyaki chicken with rice and veggies.

I've been watching the caricature artists for a while now, and finally we did it tonight. Told the girl to have fun and do whatever she wants. Mentioned our fat cats ... and here is the result of what she did with us. The people who were watching her sketch, had a lot of fun commenting on the picture developing. We had no idea what she did until she was done, of course. Took her only about 10 minutes to do the whole thing, colouring and all.

Re the girl doing it - she must be about 19. They are all very young; last night there were about 6 of them on duty and we watched them all for a while. They are excellent, and not a one of them older than 23! Payment is per person sitting for the sketch. And you can tell them what you want your body to be.

We couldn't make up our minds. I wanted something with computers and cameras and stuff, but also mentioned our fat cats. Then told the girl to just go ahead and have fun - and she did! She's a pretty blonde, and Arno was beaming while she was sketching him, because I told him to enjoy it. Not many men can be facing a pretty blonde with a spouse next to them. LOL It drew a whole crowd, watching her. She kept telling the people behind, "Don't tell them, they don't know!"

This weekend we'll be selling the cookbooks at the Brampton Farmer's Market, and want to attend the Carabram as well.

Have a good weekend, all!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sigh - freebies links again!

Thanks for contacting me, Granny, to say the links are once again gone! (see comments under the next Blog entry below this one) I would have sent you the new links directly, but you signed in as anonymous and not with an email or Blog name to contact you. So hopefully you'll stop by again! To new visitors - If you read on, especially the post about Taste of Tangerine linked in the entry below, you'll be able to see some of the layouts and snag some freebies. There is an extra freebie in tags as well, to be added to the Quickpages. (Been very busy - we got a trampoline in the back yard and I have a half-finished layout of that; we have had meetings and events and happenings galore, we got a new Nikon D50 digital camera --- should post about all those soon!) Seems that the links for the freebies I fixed, were either not linked up correctly or the server dropped them. Sorry about that! Am busy uploading as I type, and I'll put the links in here now. If this still doesn't work, I'll have to make another plan somehow to share the links for downloading them!

When you download, please be sure to read the included text file. These links should be available until June 1st (7 days).
So - here are the Taste of Tangerine quickpages for square layouts (12x12 inches): Click!

And here is the link for the rectangular pages (8.5x11 inches): Click!

Please post or let me know when and where you upload layouts using these freebies? I'd love to leave a comment for you!

(Been very busy - we got a trampoline in the back yard and I have a half-finished layout of that; we have had meetings and events and happenings galore, we got a new Nikon D50 digital camera --- should post about all those soon!)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Freebie links fixed

Without my knowledge, the links to the freebies under this blog's Tangerine post (April 2006) were disabled. The file host service where I put them, had a server crash and the links were no longer available. I've now re-uploaded them, and they are ready for download if you couldn't do so before. These are Quickpages, in either square or rectangular sizes.

I apologise if you had trouble! Once you have downloaded those, and want more, you could get these add-on tags for free as well (thumbnail to the right). Please read on below for more while you download the tags (sample right) from here.

Now that I'm a month away from SBE, my items can be shared. So - does anyone want the individual items? Please post a comment - and remember to either include your email address or blog link so I can send you a link of where to download that file for free!

Please post comments on the blog, adding a link to your blog and/or your email so I could contact you! Then continue to the freebies ...

Rectangular freebie Quickpage (read below to see preview) Download
Square freebie Quickpages (read below to see preview) Download

Thursday, May 11, 2006

First softball game of the season!

Our church joined in a friendly league of playing softball against other churches in the area. (I understand cricket a tad better than this game with the round bat, so bear with me, please! LOL) Very low-key, no pressure, no keeping score. Teams pitch to their own team; three balls to each batter, whether they swing at it or not. Bases may not be "loaded" - one player per base only. If a team has three players out, they are out. There has to be three female players on the team at any time. Age limit is 14.

Last night (May 10th) was our first game. We are still waiting for our baseball shirts (in purple and gold) to arrive, so people played in anything. It really was a lot of fun, both to watch and for the players!

The layout is very busy, because I tried to picture each player (and the pictures of Jim are all blurry - sorry, Jim! I'll get you next time!) and just hope I didn't leave someone out. Thought there were pics taken of all.

Anyway, the bigger layout is on 3Scrapateers if you want to take a closer look. Each player's name was added to his/her picture, and the kit used, is my Bowling kit.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Of Fairies and Friendship

Played with a few different challenges from different sites to create a layout of the tamarisk and the nootka trees Arno planted this weekend. A tamarisk is my favourite tree in the world, and when Janet saw one, she said it looks like the fairies are dancing somewhere inside.

The colour challenge on Scrapbook-Bytes (SBB) included pinks and greens, which seemed perfect for the fairy style of my beloved Tamarisk tree, and the enchanted forest look of the Nootka!
Also used the challenge from DoItDigi (DID) to make a layout using quite a bit of journaling.
(The thumbnail is not linked to the layouts)

Here are the links to read the journaling and see the layout bigger:
On SBB or on DID.

Anyone want the paper created for this layout? Drop me an email and I'll gladly share!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Photo book created

Playing with creating a photo book as a test - made one for Jaco, thinking about having it printed for next month for him.

Anyway, here's the link:
View this photo book created at One True Media
Snapshots of Jaco's life

Swapping pictures

Interesting chat at SBB on Wednesday night! I just stopped by to see who was in, but it turned out the chatters were swapping pictures for others to scrap. I sent some snowboarding pictures to Tiffany, and she sent me one of her lovely baby girl, Alison.

I just love what Tiff did with the snowboarding pictures, adding arrows and funky colours! This will be a great page to share with the boys, of their day out with friends.
Go Snowboarding!

My layout of Alison wanted to be girlish, soft and pink, and her eyes fascinated me. So - the layout had to reflect the eyes.

There are really two layouts, basically the same, but one has an added glass rectangle in the title. Not sure which one I like. Here are the two links if you want to take a look:
First layout and the second one, with the glass rectangle.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Of hackers and stuff (Do It Digi)

On the post titled "Older layouts and sorting out stuff" on this blog, I mentioned going to a chatroom and having fun with people there. This was on the Do It Digi scrapbook gallery / forum / chat / challenge site (see below for links). Tried to go back a few times without luck. It took a few days to find out that they were hacked and had lost everything!

It makes me so angry! Why would people do that? Why create drama, upset, a sense of loss and all kinds of other emotions for people? But I guess that can be asked about all crimes. Yes, I see hacking for fun as a crime, just like breaking and entering or assault or something. You feel battered, bruised, your privacy was invaded, and worse.

The Do It Digi team is trying to bring things back online, but it is going slow. For now, I'll link my gallery to them to their main page, because the gallery is gone anyway. (Do It Digi )

Wendy and co - thinking of you and sending all kinds of coping vibes! Just wish there was a way of doing more.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A whole day scrapbooking!

What a great day - starting with scrapbooking as usual once a month with friends. We chat, we laugh, we share, we borrow, we eat, we swap recipes - it is just a wonderful time to be away from chores for a few hours. Especially on a day like today, when it rained softly all day. Everything is green and soft and lovely!

Sweet Dreams layout
I used the time to make another quickpage or scraplet (one where you just drop pictures in) for a digital swap on 3Scrapateers. This page features a basinette made out of the papers of the kit. The layout is here on 3Scrapateers if anyone wants to take a look. Yes, no pictures, because each swapper will add their own pictures to the layouts swapped and traded.

Photo Shoot Layout
Another layout made tonight, looks very different! It is called "Photo shoot" and was taken in the snow in March 2006. The camera wouldn't play with the self timer, we fell over in the knee-deep snow, etc. It was great fun, and we finally had a picture where everyone was smiling! That layout is in two galleries: one on Scrapmommies and the other on 3Scrapateers.

Oh yes, and Arno bought a new tree - my beloved tamarisk - for the back yard!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Older layouts and sorting out things

Been an interesting day ... I've had surgery on April 10th and was supposed to take it very easy for a while yet. No exercise for a month, for instance.
Anyway, went back to work on Tuesday and tried to be gentle, but today I must have done something somehow. I could feel it pull and being "not right" but nothing dramatic. Came home, tried to phone the doctor's office, but they take calls until 2pm on Friday - and it was 2pm on the dot. Refused to go to ER and sit there for 5 hours just to be told to "take bed rest" - just did it myself. I'm sure it is fine, though.

Spent the afternoon cruising some chatrooms and had a delightful hour with a group of crazy nutcases in the DoItDigi room - thanks for the fun, girls! There was "Bob" from Elora who made me think of this layout, so here it is linked now to the blog. Click on the pic to see the bigger layout, or go to the galleries on either RAKScraps or 3Scrapateers if you want a bigger view.

Tubing was wonderful, even though I ended up with a blue backside the first time, after an altercation with a rock! (yes, there is a picture somewhere ...)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Koeksisters and Rugby - South African traditions

Interesting day we had today! Theo's rugby match was fun. They lost, but they had a good game. I've managed to get some pictures of him tackling guys twice his size and hope to scrap them soon.

Tonight there was a heritage scrap over at The Daily Scrap - the challenge was to scrap some tradition or habit to remember. I thought koeksisters (a sweet sugar dumpling, for want of a better translation) would be a good subject!

The bigger layout can be seen here if you want to read more about this treat.

About the rugby - here is one small cutout of Theo tackling a guy very close to the posts - the blue in the background is the foot of one of the posts under which a try could be scored.

Oh - and not to look as if one son gets more attention than the other (LOL heaven forbid!) - Jaco was invited to get a Principal's award on Friday, for staying on the honours roll. Hope to get a picture there - they are usually very good and keep these awards ceremonies small enough for people to circulate and chat and get good bragbook pictures for the grandparents.

Thanks for reading!

Testing email update

Testing to see if email updates to the Blog works.

I'd like to post about Theo's rugby match, Jaco's invite for another
principal's award, and a new scrapbook page made, featuring koeksisters. But
for now, this is just a test and I might delete this post in a few minutes.

Of rugby, swimming and summer jobs

Right, so let's see if an updated post can be placed, about daily life or news!

Theo is playing a rugby match today (position - Nr 2, like his grandfather). He started playing rugby in high school last year and made the team, even though he was only a freshman and didn't have his growth spurt yet. Today, he said he might have to play the whole match, as the other guy had some tattoo on his back and might not be put in. Will see how it goes!

Layout is here, made last year during the rugby season and pictures taken at Theo's first match. Of course rugby is bigger in South Africa than it is here in Canada, so it was interesting that Theo chose that as his sport of choice!

Lifeguarding & Swim instruction
Jaco started volunteering at the rec centre as soon as he was old enough, became assistant swim instructor and then full instructor and life guard after training and age 16. He enjoys working with the kids, and seems to have a knack to teach people things.

This layout, also made with the Muted Masculine kit as above, can be seen in bigger view here if you want to comment or take a closer look.

Info about the fonts, etc. can be seen on the galleries. (Personal info was smudged for privacy.)

Summer jobs

Jaco was offered a summer job at Professor's Lake here in town. He would have to do more training, but it is an excellent way of gaining especially waterfront experience.

Theo's summer job will be at the big theme park, Paramount Canada's Wonderland. He is really looking forward to that!

Both boys are growing up too fast ...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Trilliums - scraplift challenge

Trilliums, the provincial flower of Ontario, are really magnificent! They have three strong leaves, and you see flashes of white in the forest in spring. Sometimes there are hints of darker red in between, but that is not as common.

These pictures, taken during spring 2005 in a patch of forest near our house, seemed to be perfect for a scraplift challenge on Gotta Pixel! If you want to see the layout in bigger size, read the credits or leave comments, please go to the Gotta Pixel gallery here (also here in the 3Scrapateers gallery).

(Elements by me, from my Think Pink kit. Hat is from a photograph of a hat with quilling I made for a teddy bear wearing an Easter hat.)

Taste of Tangerine - plus freebies

Everyone loves freebies, right?
The pages and frames in this layout were donated as a freebie gift in the April 2006 edition of the SBE newsletter, and can only be given if you were/are a subscriber to that free newsletter. (I left SBE as designer during Easter 2006, because of pressures in Real Life.)

A layout made with some of the "Taste of Tangerine" papers and elements can be seen here and here if you want to take a look or leave comments, or ask questions.

However, some quickpages* were created using some of those elements, and can be downloaded for free if you want them. Click on the links below - the link should stay live for a while yet. You're welcome to send others to this blog to pick up the link as well! A text file included with the quickpages give more information about sharing.

There might be more links to add freebies to the quickpages in the next few days, depending on time!

(*Quickpages = already assembled pages for you to just drop your pictures on, add journaling and/or text, and you're done!)

Please be sure to read the included text file once you have unzipped!

To download two quickpages in 12x12 inch (30 cm x 30cm; square), click here (or right-click and "save target as" on a PC).

To download two quickpages in 8.5 x 11 inch (letter size; rectangular), please click here (or right-click and "save target as" on a PC).

If you use the freebie pages in a layout and upload to a gallery, please post a comment here with the link so we can take a look! It is great to see what different people do. (And if you post a comment with a link to your layout, I'll send you another link to another freebie that goes with the pages if you want it.)


Oscar is Dynamite! (Colour challenge)

Layout of our feisty ginger cat, Oscar (because he's so golden, see?) trying to take on one of the cheeky backyard squirrels.

If you want to take a closer look, you can see the layout here in the SBB gallery (also here on 3Scrapateers).

This one was made for a colour challenge on SBB. Papers from the "A Child's Circus" kit and recoloured bottlecaps - they were originally brown, called Marlene's Bottlecaps Uppercase. Rest of credits on the layout.

Cherry On Top - Sketch Challenge

In December 2005, Arno and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. It seemed to be the perfect picture to use for this single-picture sketch challenge on Scrapmommies! The layout is here if you want to take a look or leave a comment.

Credits: All elements by me, from the "Cherries for Gabby" kit.
Sketch by Traci from Scrapmommies. Fonts and other info on the layout.

Testing as a first post

Trying to create this blog, but it must be a steep learning curve!

Other stories to read:

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