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Questions: Guest post by Dr. Alan MacDonald

Every day I receive new emails from people who are desperate to find answers about Lyme Disease, flabbergasted to hear that there are currently no doctors readily treating diagnosed cases in Ontario (and Canada), and a growing list of patients suffering from the debilitating effects of a neglected disease. Most times I can only lend an ear, refer to other websites, or to the Lyme Links on the right of this page.

Dr. Alan MacDonald was mentioned in this blog before, under the post where he reported a million new cases in Germany in 2012.

He posted the following questions as a comment to this blog. You can find the answers yourself, directly "from the horse's mouth", so to speak, by watching some video clips online. Most of us Lymies end up with more questions than answers, even after doing hours of research, talking to other patients, and living the life of Chronic Lyme disease.

Dr. Alan says: Test your Knowledge about Lyme Borreliosis
  1. What diagnostic functions does the Pathologist provide to the patient and to the patient's physicians?
  2. What is the relationship between microscopic presence of a known pathogen in diseased tissue and the causation of the disease?
  3. What is the true narrowest of the narrow diagnostic coverage of B31 Borrelia test kits and the 100 GENOTYPES of wild Borrelia in the USA today?
  4. What is the current test kit ability to provide laboratory evidence of Miyamotoi Borrelia Infection in human patients?
  5. What is the nature of DNA in flux in wild type Borrelia? If the Borrelia DNA mutates away from the DNA structure of the B31 strain, how do current test kits function in discovery of Antibodies which are not picked up by current B31 test kit Borrelia B31 strain proteins?
  6. How effective are DNA B31 Borrelia test kits in the blood testing of European type Borrelia infections?
  7. What is the meaning of the phrase, "The PATIENT Failed Therapy for Borreliosis complex disease"?
  8. Do physicians ever "fail patients" with Borreliosis complex?
  9. How many Genotypes of USA Borrelia are now known to be in existence?
  10. Do mutations in Borrelia DNA alter the shape of the mutant Borrelia shape?
  11. Are mutant Borrelia misdiagnosed in microscopic studies by USA and by European pathologists? Why are Biofilm type Borrelia infections ALWAYS CHRONIC Borrelia infections?
  12. Does the CDC accept CHRONIC Borreliosis complex type illnesses in humans?
  13. Does the CDC promulgate the notion that Erythema Migrans or the "Bull's Eye" type is the only acceptable skin sign of Early Lyme Borreliosis?
  14. Are there at least 17 different Erythema Migrans skin patterns which are encountered more frequently than is the CDC "Bull's Eye" erythema migrans subtype?
  15. Should the CDC Rules for diagnosis and therapy of Lyme disease be isolated as a small subtype of the real life wide spectrum of Clinical forms of Borreliosis?
  16. If a patient has "Borreliosis-complex", is the patient obliged to follow the "CDC Rules" for the small subset of "Lyme disease" illnesses?
  17. Does Borreliosis include cases of deaths, verified by autopsy study?
  18. Does the CDC website for Lyme disease include references to ANY DEATHS from Lyme disease?
  19. Does Borreliosis Complex include reports of autopsy confirmed Human deaths in European patients?
  20. Does the CDC Lyme website include blindness as a possible presentation of Lyme disease?
  21. Does Borreliosis-complex include many many reports of Human blindness as a complication of human Borreliosis complex infections?
  22. Is there a "Kindergarten simplification" of the Disease presentations of Borrelia and related co-infections?
  23. Is there at present research underway in Norway to detect and to directly visualize Borrelia spirochetes in spiral form, Borrelia Cystic forms, and Borrelia String of Pearls forms in human circulating blood by direct Microscopic examination?
  24. Are Round Body [Cystic Borrelia] forms capable of causing human tissue injuries?
  25. Is the surface Borrelia protein demonstration to the immune system turned "inside out" by Cystic Borrelia?
  26. Do round body Borrelia regenerate spiral forms of Borrelia under correct conditions?
  27. Is a "clinical " diagnosis of Lyme disease or of Borreliosis - complex ever medically justified? 
  28. Did Dr. Allen Steere in 1975-1981 have any blood tests available to him to ratify his diagnosis of any case of Lyme disease?

Videos I II III IV  will assist you in answering these and other neglected topics in the pathobiology of Human Borreliosis - Complex  infections.

Go to YouTube  ------- search for "Lyme MacDonald"--- to find the FREE video lectures or see if this LINK takes you to a collection.

Alan B. MacDonald, MD
August 31, 2013

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