Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another boody test

lAm so sick of doctors, tests and the like. I've been saying that for a long time, but it is becoming a real issue. Don't want to see another doctor, don't want to have more radiation, don't want to know what else is going on. Been putting off going for three months, I guess, but this arm is becoming a problem. I was so afraid it would get frozen shoulder, though, that I kept moving it gently, and stretching it somewhat. Seems it was the right thing to do.

Left arm / shoulder has been agony for about three months. Not constantly, but every now and again, a certain movement would leave me gasping for breath. Sometimes the movement would cause me to go blind with pain, drop to all fours no matter where I am, and stand panting like an animal to gain control again. Whole left arm would be left numb with pain any time as bad as labour pains. Fortunately they don't last that long! After a few minutes, the arm would start throbbing and then life would start to come back. Once the pain is gone, it is gone completely and the arm is fine - until I move it in that wrong way again. I've been careful, but it still happens.

  I went for soft tissue ultrasound yesterday (been carrying the request form in my Lyme binder for six weeks, kept hoping it would improve or go away). Arno has been forcing me to go; he had seen the results of the pain a few times; there is no hiding it. They sent me for an X-ray immediately afterwards. Seems there's fluid in the shoulder. I didn't get the full results, but the lady was talking to me. When I said I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme disease, she said something about "having all the complications on top of it". I don't think it is serious enough for surgery. Will fight that. I'll have to wait for the doctor to give me final results, but know enough from X-rays and stuff to have recognized the pockets of fluid and to ask her directly.

Your falling-to-pieces green friend.

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