Thursday, April 03, 2014

Niagara Falls and CN Tower will go GREEN again!

Final confirmation received today --- once again, both Niagara Falls and Toronto's CN Tower will run green lights for Lyme Disease Awareness!

The date for both these lighting events this year will be the same: MAY 17, 2014.
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The postcard on the left can be used to advertise and let people know so they can plan to attend one of these lighting sessions, or view on webcams.

Brampton's Lyme Walk will be held for the third year. Registrations and more can be done online. People can register as individuals, as a family group of up to six members, or get a group of ten together and register as a corporate group. 

T-shirts can be purchased separately, or bring your own from previous events. Wear green!!

The walk in the park is not a difficult one. Usually we start the walk around noon or so, once everyone is there. If someone is too weak to walk, please bring a wheelchair or walker along. It takes only around half an hour to complete the walk but sometimes others walk around the whole park, or complete the circuit more than once. It is very relaxed. The mission is more to bring Lymies, their friends and caregivers together to share stories and build relationships.

Register and ask friends and family to sponsor you, no matter where they are. Tax receipts are issued and all donations are paid over once a month, with a small fee to handle everything. Registrations include a number to pin to clothing and to keep as a souvenir! Bring a picnic and chairs or blankets to enjoy in the park afterwards, meet with family and enjoy everything that is there to see, experience and discover.

BramptonLymeWalk is part of the WorldWide Lyme Disease Awareness effort. 

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