Friday, February 22, 2013

More patients lose their doctors or treatment

Strange happenings in this country of ours. At the same time that two more doctors in Canada had to send their Lyme Disease patients off into the great unknown of trying to cope without being treated for a legitimate disease, a US state passed a bill that would help Lymies. 

Why is Canada so far behind???? Why are we slipping back more and more with each passing day? 

In Virginia, a new bill would require people getting tested for Lyme be informed that a negative test result doesn't mean you don't have the disease.
==> Read more on this link: Lyme disease bill advances in the legislature


Virginia General Assembly Passes Landmark Legislation Relating to Lyme Disease
Senate Vote 38-2, House 56-40

(Richmond, VA) February 20, 2013: National Capital Lyme Disease Association (NatCapLyme) today announced that the Virginia House of Delegates passed landmark legislation providing for the disclosure of information to people tested for Lyme disease. This bill now heads to the Governor for his signature.

From the Washington Post:

The Virginia General Assembly has approved legislation that would require doctors to tell patients who test negative for Lyme disease that they may need to be retested.

Under the bill, doctors would have to tell patients in writing that Lyme disease is the sixth-fastest-growing disease in the U.S., and that current laboratory testing “can be problematic and standard laboratory tests often result in false negative and false positive results.” Patients would also have to be informed that a negative result “does not necessarily mean you do not have Lyme disease.”

The bill would expire July 1, 2018.
(Link to the complete article: CLICK

MEANWHILE, in Canada this week 

--- a Lyme Disease patient posted that she had what might possibly be her last appointment with the only LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) in Nova Scotia. He is going off on stress leave to try and recuperate from an ongoing investigation.

In Manitoba, another Lyme disease contact's treatment was suddenly stopped. "... she said her doctor was ordered by a rural regional health authority to stop treating her with intravenous antibiotics for Lyme disease.
Elizabeth Wood, who contracted the disease in the late 1980s and still suffers from its effects, said her Altona doctor was told this week to halt prolonged antibiotic treatment until Wood sees an infectious disease specialist. That could take months to arrange."
Newspaper article link: Lyme disease treatment suddenly stopped

Words fail me. Do you, fair reader, have any comments to post?

Added: Please look at the top of this blog, or email me to send or bring you a copy of the petition to sign to push the bill to ask for a National Lyme Disease Strategy! 


Paula said...

All I can say is....we NEED Elizabeth May's Lyme bill passed immediately!!! That may be the push that the medical community needs to get its act together regarding Lyme disease. I, too, am speechless!

PinkPeony said...

It is great news for Virginia but it is just the beginning.....Here in Georgia....Lyme doesn't exist and no doctors here in SE Georgia where I am will I am treating my self with herbs...this Lyme story is a disgrace.

chillin with Quillin said...

what is wrong with these people, so sad, hope good things come soon !!!

Bat said...

Is Canada living in the dark ages?

Debbie J

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