Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Proclamation from Brampton City Council

What a day! I thought it would be a formality, attending City Council, hearing the reading of the Proclamation, receive it, shake hands, smile, and leave. Was not expecting anything more.

Kim and I met Roberta at City Hall before the time and she took us upstairs to show where to sit. We got hold of the agenda, saw we were after the announcements and some other proclamations and I thought to just follow their procedure.

When called up, I bullied Kim to go with for moral support, took a bunch of the flyers and postcards about our Lyme Walk on May 19, meaning to leave them there for whoever might be interested.

The Proclamation was read by Regional Councillor Gael Miles (I've been in touch with her before about the Lyme Walk). The Mayor then asked if I wanted to say something, but I said I didn't prepare anything. Showed the postcards and invited them to our Awareness day, then said I'd answer questions if there were any.

My goodness! Lots of really good, in depth questions, one after the other, about figures of infections, early symptoms, where the ticks are, how they are spread and more. When I said that Kim and I both have to go to the USA for treatment, that I was set adrift after being treated here, the reactions even heated up more. Someone suggested a recommendation to take -- a quick point of order was called and continued.

We were there for a good half hour, I think, and the result is that a committee would be formed, action taken, and Kim and I to go to Regional Council to present the fact that Lymies have to struggle so to get diagnosed, then treated. There's lots more to say, but it was all positive!

Posed for pictures afterwards (Roberta had my camera). Thanks to Ashley at the Guardian, there was a photographer who wanted to take a picture of us, the Proclamation and the Lyme Mobile. So off we went in the bright sunshine to get it done!

Roberta said in the many years she's been involved in Council, she had never seen such positive reaction, high interaction, and quick decisions, so we have hope that we'll get the support we need!

The pictures with the Lyme Mobile were a lot of fun, and Roberta took several more. I'll upload one here and then add the link to see the others online if anyone is interested.

Here's the link to just a few more pictures, including one of the framed Proclamation.
City Council and Proclamation

When we went back for me to get my car and to debrief ourselves, we talked to lots of people at Colony Ford Lincoln Brampton. While waiting for Kim to go to Council, I sat in their waiting room for at least 45 minutes this morning, yes, wearing that green sweater! So when Kim and I went out to our cars, we got stopped by a man who went home for lunch, said he was flipping TV channels, recognized the sweater and then Kim, so watched the whole thing live on Rogers TV. Too funny!

Let's hope and pray that our part of being vocal, will help adding momentum to this effort that has been going on for years, and to finally be heard on the levels where it counts. We ask for awareness, information posted everywhere, education, doctors to be aware, and for early treatment without waiting for symptoms to appear.

Please join us on May 19! Download a registration form, or email us at LymeWalkBrampton with your name and info to say you want to take part in the walk, and we'll send you a form to start collecting pledges to hand in on the day of the walk. Thank you in advance, for helping to get the word out. Nobody has to be afraid of the disease, as long as we're informed and can get quick treatment. Not all ticks are infected, and not all bites will lead to Lyme Disease.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lyme Mobile on Earth Day!

What a wonderful day we had! Busy, and I've used up all my spoons, especially with the busy week and yesterday's early morning women's breakfast as well, but worth it!

A production of "The Lorax" was shared by a group of people, with actors playing the parts.

More pictures are in the link below.

The most exciting event is the Lyme Mobile, made available to us thanks to our main sponsor for the Lyme Awareness Day, Colony Ford Lincoln Brampton. We managed to get four members of the committee together for a picture session. More pictures are HERE.

Pam, Marlene, Joe and Kim
The car won't be missed anywhere it goes! We hope people will download the registration forms and either register themselves to walk, or donate something, or sponsor us, or make others aware of the day we're planning. The ticks are already active and everyone needs to know about Lyme disease, the early symptoms and the effects of untreated bites. Not every tick is infected and not every bite will lead to Lyme disease.

Our Lyme walk website has the registration forms, and contains more links:

Isn't it wild??

The car will be seen at the Brampton Home Show on May 5.

Lyme Walk times:
We hope most people will pre-register and sign their waivers before the time, so that they have time to gather sponsors or pledges to support their walk. Remember, there is a prize for the person collecting the most funds and handing it in on the day! Every dollar helps CanLyme. Registration forms explain the fees for individuals, families or younger people. T-shirts can be ordered if people want them. Pay by cheque or request an invoice via Paypal.

Registration and checking in will start from 9:30 am;
Silent Auction should be open for bidding from 10:00 am or earlier;
The walk will start around 11:00 (smooth, easy walk!);
Prize giving to be around noon.
Afterwards and in between there will be games for kids, face painting, bidding, time to talk to Lymies and their caregivers, answer questions, talk to the vet, and enjoy the picnic you bring along. We are not able to sell food.


Friday, April 20, 2012

The benefit of Auum oil

This is a testimonial I wrote about a year ago:

"I am convinced that Auum oil protected my brain and my body from becoming completely ravaged by undiagnosed Lyme Disease bacteria. Since August 2007, my health started spiraling down, with constant infections, severe headaches, chills, fevers, exhaustion unrelieved by rest, concentration problems, loss of feeling in fingers, dragging ankle, balance problems, vertigo and more. No doctor or specialist could diagnose the cause for sure and I had a list of different diagnoses, scores of tests and saw many different doctors.

Auum oil on the right
"In June 2009 I started taking Auum Omega 3 Sublingual oil, as a grasping-at-straws effort to try anything to improve my quality of life. Within days I noticed a change, especially in sleep patterns, and becoming more lucid when woken up. Energy levels improved. Although the infections still came, I felt more equipped to deal with them, as well as the myriad doctor's appointments to treat each individual occurrence.

"Finally, in February 2010, I could diagnose myself with Lyme Disease, with the help of a friend who has a daughter undiagnosed with Lyme disease for ten years. Antibiotic treatment started, which finally helped improve things. Since the disease went undetected for 3 years, the damage is extensive and it will take years to try and recoup the health I lost, and to try and restore damage done to all my organs. Auum is still an important part of my support system, and I wouldn't be without it. I firmly believe that without Auum oil, I would not have been able to continue working at the part-time job I had, while being undiagnosed.

"My goal now is to get more awareness about Lyme Disease, and to add my voice to ask for protection of the patients and the doctors who try to treat Lyme, as well as to ask for better tests in Canada."

Rose, who introduced me to the oil, is planning to be at the Lyme Disease Awareness day, if possible, and answering questions.
If you need to get hold of her before the time, please let me know and I'll pass you on to her, or get some Auum to you!

Video link about the product is HERE or directly on YouTube if you can't find it.

RJ, who suffers from Asperger's, talks about the oil and what it has done for him, his family, and his pets. I have attended several meetings about Auum, listening to parents of Autistic or Down's syndrome children talk about the way they have their children back since using the oil, about teachers being amazed at the way formerly withdrawn children are able to function, and the relief of pain in many people for different health issues.

The product is different from flax or fish oil, because it is mammalian. And please don't shoot me about the hype around the slaughter of seals!** This comes from the harp seal, which is harvested annually. Using the oil means more of the harvested animals can be used, and is absorbed better in the human body than flax or fish oil.

**Before clubbing me, consider this:  "Non-vegetarians who oppose the seal hunt, while usually hypnotized by animal rights and anti-sealing propaganda, might fail to recognize the process by which the meat they consider "humane" to eat ended up on their plate."  Rest of the article.

**Georgetown Independent Press had a post today. I quote one paragraph:
"He said a warmer Ontario climate will see the spread of Lyme disease caused by black-legged tick. Steer said within the next century the tick will be able to survive as far north as Sudbury while in the past it has been contained to the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario."

-- my bold. Please go to the link above to read the rest of the article, and if you can, post a comment below. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After the doctor

Had to see the Lyme doctor again on Monday, April 16. These last three months did not go well and I'm not as far along in healing as should have been. Who woulda' thunk, eh?  I've been treated for Lyme disease now for 3 years; one year of which in the States when I couldn't get treatment in Toronto any more.

Been writing the message below on the Blackberry even though we didn't have internet, just to try and keep myself straight. Drove around Lake Champlain through the islands of Vermont, took a ferry, finally in hotel in the Olympic town of Lake Placid after 8pm. We did about 1600 km in 3 days, but we saw very pretty places!

Morning coffee on the balcony, and one taken from the breakfast room

Ok nice. Seems I have another, as yet unnamed, bug.
She said the Babesia symptoms are taking over (chills, pain, lack of sleep, stabbing headaches, joint pain, fatigue, flashing warmth) but the Lyme is out as well (creaking neck and others).

I should have been much better by now and because I'm worse, it might mean another infection or something else (see below). She's changing tack again. Back on Malarone (anti-malaria), and amoxicyllin. And some other stuff. The other protozoa help the spirochetes hide from being killed by the medication.

She also wants to attack the heavy metal poisoning (lead) I have. But maybe not just now.

I have to do detox which will do something to the metal. And check for my temperature to see if my thyroid is wonky. I know my usual temp is low, so when temp is normal I actually have fever. She found that interesting because if my core temp is too low, I'm helping instead of fighting the infection. Then she wants to check the adrenal glands to see if they're up to par before treating the thyroid.

She gave herbal stuff to try and fight the other protozoa.

On another tack, the plans for the Lyme Disease Awareness walk are going ahead! I'm so grateful to everyone helping. Registrations of walkers are starting to come in. If anyone wants to pledge an amount, any amount, or have something to donate to the Silent Auction, or just want to support us in any way, please let me know and I'd be grateful to hear from you. Every dollar helps, every person telling another person helps spread the word and if you have room to put a flyer or notice somewhere, please download and print the image below. Thank you so very much!

TO PRINT: Click on the file and it should be able to be saved to your computer.

 Orangeville is to proclaim Lyme Disease Awareness and Prevention month, our Lyme Car will be ready and be in the newspaper next week and things are heating up.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Chronic Lyme on Dr. Phil today

Deadly Consequences

Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re dealing with serious illnesses that could have deadly outcomes. ...  former model Stephanie Vostry, 25, says that she suffers from constant pain and seizures caused by what some doctors believe to be chronic Lyme disease, and others wonder if she's faking. With natural medicine providing minimal relief, hear how she says she's turned to self-medicating to dull her pain. Plus, chronic Lyme disease hits close to home for a Dr. Phil staff member and a San Diego weathercaster.

The blurb above was taken from the Dr. Phil website. The show might be online at this link: after it airs.
Or try this link for clips of the show.

==> Added later: the uncensored discussion after Dr Phil's show. At around the mark for 1:18 he mentions a key element that was left out of the show because of time constraints. The link is
Uncensored Dr Phil    <==

Meanwhile, our plans for the Lyme Disease Awareness day are going ahead! We still hope to get more sponsors to help with T-shirts, prizes and the like. Every little bit helps and adds up in the end. Many people said they want to take part. One family will be visiting from BC (British Columbia, Canada's province on the west coast of the continent), so we can truly say we're covering Canada at the Lyme Walk in Brampton!

Yesterday I had notification that the city of Hamilton will add my request to proclaim May as Lyme Disease Awareness month, to their agenda. A large group of people will be coming from Hamilton and surroundings to take part in the walk.

Yesterday I was invited to talk to a group of women at a church. They were flabbergasted that we struggle so to get treatment, and that doctors usually don't know how to diagnose, test or treat for Lyme disease. They are planning to launch letter-writing campaigns. Thank you, ladies, and also for the monetary support that will go to help out with the Lyme Day! 

I'm so grateful for all the offers of help, the people passing on flyers and talking to their families about this disease, and for all the support. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pink Magnolia, Brown Magnolia

On Monday last week, the traumatic week when I had to decide about disability or resignation, our Magnolia was proudly in bloom. It was so lovely, but at least a month earlier than usual.
On Wednesday, when I officially handed in my resignation, the magnolia's blooms were brown.

Tomorrow is my last day working at one of my jobs. I don't want to leave the people. But Lyme made the decision. However - if it wasn't for this job, I might still not have been diagnosed! Their support and love through this time mean more than I can ever say.

We all know it is already warmer in this area than usual, and ticks are already out and active. Today's Huffington Post has an article:
Global Warming May Bring More Lyme Disease, Ticks

On Saturday, March 31, there was a run to help pay for the medical bills of a 16-year old with Lyme disease, Vanessa. She is being treated by the doctor I'm seeing in the States. Lots of people braved the cold to take part and they were all in good spirits!

Pictures are here: Vanessa's Run

Interesting fact I realised this week. Vanessa has lost her hair. Kevin has lost his job and his bed. I've lost my sense of taste, my appetite and half my mind.
(Kevin's blog)

We Lymies all lose stuff, have to give up things, have to change dramatically. But our families are being dragged into it with us, and the ones I know, are all grateful to have good spouses or families to help them through! Without that, we would have been in a great mess.

My husband and friends: Thank you for standing by me, for laughing along with the mistakes and forgotten issues; for the love and prayers, making a fuss of any new events, and quietly sweeping up the dead blooms as they drop, sorting out the pills for the week, making a salad for lunch to entice me to eat and silently closing the gate I've left open again.

Other stories to read:

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