Monday, January 30, 2012

Scandinavian Lymies have the same battle!

Why on earth can developed countries not treat and care for their own Lyme Disease Patients until they are well and functioning again? Nobody can understand that.

Friend Nyree from Sweden sent a message this morning, about Scandinavian patients having to go to Norway for treatment, with support from Germany! I'm posting her message with her permission here below:

Nyree wrote: Yesterday I was listening to the radio, and an “investigating” radio show, broadcasting on national level had a program labeled Pioneers abroad save Borrelia patients.

Needless to say I began listening more thoroughly & also downloaded the show to listen from the start today.
The program spoke about how difficult it is for Lyme patients to be believed, and to receive the proper treatment since antib’s are only distributed during 30 days here in Sweden, and many are mistakenly diagnosed with MS while they truly suffer from Neurological Borreliosis…They mentioned both ILADS & IDSA in the program.
A Norwegian clinic, Arena Kliniken, are treating lyme patients based on American findings via a clinic in Augsburg, Germany, and they receive many patients from Scandinavia…
(Translation of the article can be read here on this blog.)

The German Lyme Fighter, Armin Schwarzbach
  Thanks for sharing, Nyree! And I'm pretty sure the Augsburg clinic might be by one of the doctors I met and chatted with in October at the ILADS Conference in Toronto - see his picture on the right.

A petition is online to lobby for removal of the outdated IDSA guidelines. The site explains the reasons. Please read for yourself, and sign, then share the link with others. Countries outside of the USA, skip the box for "State" and just choose your country. It will work that way.

* On another level, the website for the Lyme Walk in Brampton has been registered on the weekend and is being developed. For some reason the site is not live (yet) while I'm writing, so a mirror site is there. The petition is linked on the right side of that site. Please share! We hope to have a sea of green T-shirts there that day! Wear green if you have it, but we are designing and ordering shirts as well.

LymeWalkBrampton website or if that's offline, the mirror site LymeWalkBrampton
 Jenni is working on a better graphic of the jailed tick and more pages, info and links will be added as the weeks go by.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lyme is a Cryme

Plans for the Lyme Awareness Day Walk / Run / Wheel / Stroll are going ahead!

This week we're planning to go to the park to look at the paths and layout. We're arranging a Penny Sale, which is always fun for everyone to play along. Kids of all ages enjoy posting their tickets for the chance of winning a prize.

Check out the website created to host the walk info, registration forms when they're ready, and other items. It was just registered yesterday and still working through all the servers, so the link might not be active today!

Two options: is the registered site. But while it is yeasting through the interwebs, try going to grab a sneak peak at what we're working on here:

The graphic above is one I quickly put together, but Jenni is working on the proper thing in her style!

*First post about the Lyme Walk in Brampton

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lyme Walk in Brampton: May 19, 2012

Chingaucousy Park (pronounced Ching-go-kuzy park) in the middle of Brampton, Ontario, is a huge park, consisting of 100 acres filled with pathways, trees, picnic spots, restrooms, a petting zoo, greenhouse, tennis courts and more. It is close to the City centre, bus terminal and the airport.

Why is this important? Because with the support of Her Worship, Susan Fennel, the mayor of Brampton, a Lyme Disease Awareness Walk will be held in the park on May 19, 2012!

This is early yet, but I'm hoping to secure helpers, volunteers, supporters, sponsors for T-shirts and people to either walk for themselves or for someone who is too sick to walk. The Faces of Lyme disease need to be seen, to show through sheer numbers how important this issue is. We need doctors to be aware and to do early diagnosis, we need better and more secure testing, we need public awareness, and we need protection for doctors and patients alike. Most important: Patients need to be treated in Canada instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours to travel to doctors in the USA!

More about Ching Park, with pictures, map and bus schedule is HERE.
Information will follow and perhaps a Facebook page created to have immediate feedback.

Again - this is very early, but I hope it means people can get this on their schedule!
T-shirt design by Jenni

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