Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sigh - freebies links again!

Thanks for contacting me, Granny, to say the links are once again gone! (see comments under the next Blog entry below this one) I would have sent you the new links directly, but you signed in as anonymous and not with an email or Blog name to contact you. So hopefully you'll stop by again! To new visitors - If you read on, especially the post about Taste of Tangerine linked in the entry below, you'll be able to see some of the layouts and snag some freebies. There is an extra freebie in tags as well, to be added to the Quickpages. (Been very busy - we got a trampoline in the back yard and I have a half-finished layout of that; we have had meetings and events and happenings galore, we got a new Nikon D50 digital camera --- should post about all those soon!) Seems that the links for the freebies I fixed, were either not linked up correctly or the server dropped them. Sorry about that! Am busy uploading as I type, and I'll put the links in here now. If this still doesn't work, I'll have to make another plan somehow to share the links for downloading them!

When you download, please be sure to read the included text file. These links should be available until June 1st (7 days).
So - here are the Taste of Tangerine quickpages for square layouts (12x12 inches): Click!

And here is the link for the rectangular pages (8.5x11 inches): Click!

Please post or let me know when and where you upload layouts using these freebies? I'd love to leave a comment for you!

(Been very busy - we got a trampoline in the back yard and I have a half-finished layout of that; we have had meetings and events and happenings galore, we got a new Nikon D50 digital camera --- should post about all those soon!)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Freebie links fixed

Without my knowledge, the links to the freebies under this blog's Tangerine post (April 2006) were disabled. The file host service where I put them, had a server crash and the links were no longer available. I've now re-uploaded them, and they are ready for download if you couldn't do so before. These are Quickpages, in either square or rectangular sizes.

I apologise if you had trouble! Once you have downloaded those, and want more, you could get these add-on tags for free as well (thumbnail to the right). Please read on below for more while you download the tags (sample right) from here.

Now that I'm a month away from SBE, my items can be shared. So - does anyone want the individual items? Please post a comment - and remember to either include your email address or blog link so I can send you a link of where to download that file for free!

Please post comments on the blog, adding a link to your blog and/or your email so I could contact you! Then continue to the freebies ...

Rectangular freebie Quickpage (read below to see preview) Download
Square freebie Quickpages (read below to see preview) Download

Thursday, May 11, 2006

First softball game of the season!

Our church joined in a friendly league of playing softball against other churches in the area. (I understand cricket a tad better than this game with the round bat, so bear with me, please! LOL) Very low-key, no pressure, no keeping score. Teams pitch to their own team; three balls to each batter, whether they swing at it or not. Bases may not be "loaded" - one player per base only. If a team has three players out, they are out. There has to be three female players on the team at any time. Age limit is 14.

Last night (May 10th) was our first game. We are still waiting for our baseball shirts (in purple and gold) to arrive, so people played in anything. It really was a lot of fun, both to watch and for the players!

The layout is very busy, because I tried to picture each player (and the pictures of Jim are all blurry - sorry, Jim! I'll get you next time!) and just hope I didn't leave someone out. Thought there were pics taken of all.

Anyway, the bigger layout is on 3Scrapateers if you want to take a closer look. Each player's name was added to his/her picture, and the kit used, is my Bowling kit.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Of Fairies and Friendship

Played with a few different challenges from different sites to create a layout of the tamarisk and the nootka trees Arno planted this weekend. A tamarisk is my favourite tree in the world, and when Janet saw one, she said it looks like the fairies are dancing somewhere inside.

The colour challenge on Scrapbook-Bytes (SBB) included pinks and greens, which seemed perfect for the fairy style of my beloved Tamarisk tree, and the enchanted forest look of the Nootka!
Also used the challenge from DoItDigi (DID) to make a layout using quite a bit of journaling.
(The thumbnail is not linked to the layouts)

Here are the links to read the journaling and see the layout bigger:
On SBB or on DID.

Anyone want the paper created for this layout? Drop me an email and I'll gladly share!

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