Friday, June 08, 2007

Wild Spring Storm!

It turned dark, TV and radio warned about thunderstorms,. high winds and hail approaching, and then the next moment it arrived!

I ran outside to get some pictures and a video clip, if you want to see.

The story of a Woggle

Well, it is ages since I last posted on this blog - life seems to get in the way!
But there has been this discussion about a Woggle on a friend's blog - and I promised to upload the sketch of this elusive creature!

Here you go:
A Woggle - Artist: John BurkeA Woggle!

This is what I wrote ten years ago about the Woggles:

This is a woggle!!!

See, here is a sketch of one, done by John. The kids couldn't see the woggles, and they were not quick enough whenever we did spot one.
Also, one time we were at a service station on the Motorway, and we saw a whole gaggle of them! They were running all over the place, but the boys couldn't see them ....

To help you identify one next time you see one, here is a sound file, taped in the Lake District. [Actually, you can hear it on John's Blog; link below]

Woggles are small and covered in purple fur. They live all over the place. But you can't see them if you try to look for them. You have to look out of the corner of your eye.

Do you think you'll spot them next time?

See, Sus Evy in Canada was told about the woggles, and then a whole "subculture" grew around these elusive creatures. In the Lake District, we tried to catch one to take a picture for Evy - and - well, you heard the outcome of that on the sound file! Sus Evy never did get to see a picture of one - only this sketch.

** John's Blog post about the Woggles, and the Ladies Over The Water. Read the comments to find the link to the sound file.

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