Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Nature's Fall Salad

Lyme disease is a thief.

It has stolen so much of life, of our family, of the essence that I thought of as ME.

Creativity used to come easy and as natural as breathing. Now it is a struggle, as if there are walls everywhere between brain, eyes, hands and inspiration. If it doesn't hit me in the head -- like an apple falling off a tree while others are being picked, and landing inside a large dandelion --- I have to go looking for inspiration. But here it is. The apple dropped into the soft green leaves, and it is like a hand is gently holding the apple aloft, showing off the deep colours, the gloss of Fall sunlight, the bounty of nature around us.

And I'm deeply thankful to be part of life, of finding joy in unexpected places, of getting on with this fight against this miserable disease which "doesn't exist in Canada". My job is to hold it aloft, to warn others, to make sure the voices are never silenced, and help others protect themselves and loved ones before it is too late.

Ask me about Lyme disease. Chances are I might know more than your doctor does. Because my life depends on it.
Enjoy this Wednesday!

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The Paper Princess said...

Thanks for joining Wordless Wed at Create With Joy - hope to see you next week!

FiOnion said...

All too often those of us with a lesser-known disease actually know more about living with it than the doctors who have studied it.

My Songbook said...

I am so sorry. My sister has Lyme's disease as well, but she went through the antibiotic treatments early enough (we hope). I guess it may manifest itself later in life though?

aquariann said...

I am sorry to hear about your disease - especially the struggle to even get treated!! *healing sparkles*

-:¦:- WW: Zombie Leaf Decay -:¦:-

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