Saturday, July 15, 2006

Save Ontario's Trillium!

There are plans to change Ontario's Trillium logo, at a cost of over $200 thousand!

(Scrapbookers - see the last paragraph and thanks for sharing the news! )

Please don't just trust what I write, but follow the links to the websites below. This is NOT about political parties or politics, it is about leaving well enough alone and to rather change what is needed in the province instead of bothering with a logo.

If you know of friends or have family and friends in Ontario, Canada, please send them to this Blog address, or send the information on to them so that people can be aware of this!! (** See below for more)

Link below from where this was copied (dots left where I left out parts and my bold and italics. Read original on the link below:

The Trillium is a symbol for ALL ONTARIANS .... Ontario's trillium has long been the symbol of hope and opportunity for all. The classic T-shaped logo was first used by the Ontario government more than 40 years ago. It's been used no matter which political party was in power. That is, until now. .... And he's using taxpayer's dollars and a Liberal friendly ad agency to do it. The cost - $219,000 taxpayer dollars to design a new logo.

>>To read more, please go here:
Click on "take action" at the top, or on Share to send it on.

**If you are a scrapbooker (digital or paper) I'll gladly send you a Quickpage in return for reading here, to use for your own pictures, which you can print and keep in an album or frame or give as a gift. Just slip your own pictures in - of a family friend, or of your own trilliums, perhaps.
To get the quickpage: Download from
Yousendit until July 28th here ;
or from
Rapidshare here - and I'll appreciate it if you leave a comment on the blog when you grab the freebie! Always nice to read who liked it enough to snag! **
The quickpage is described here in the Blog, with a link to a bigger view in a gallery. **


Laney said...

Thank you for the QP! I appreciate the QP with both the text and without it. Just to prove my ignorance, I had no idea that trilliums came in other colour than white!!! I love the pictures you used in your layout!


Lori said...

The quick page is delightful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am glad to learn more about the trillium issue. I agree with you that the current logo is great and I am sure the money spent on a new logo could be use in other worthy projects. Keep on speaking out!

Lizzerd said...

Thanks for the QP, and have sent the link to everyone I know in Ontario (me, I'm in Alberta = Wild Rose!)

Jean said...

Thank you very much.

Cheryl said...

Thank you Marlene for the frebbie! Hope all goes well with your logo drama!

Toshia said...

got it. what a nice freebie

Anonymous said...

thanks for the freebie. This is beautiful. I love the color of pink.


DigiBrandi said...

Lovely QP - thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quickpage and I love the Trillium

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