Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Consultation with the Neurosurgeon

Hello, everyone!

First of all, thank you for all of the calls and messages wishing Marlene well today! They have not gone unnoticed but she figured it would be easier to do a big post so that everyone could get an update at the same time.

Marlene and Arno went to the Queensway hospital this afternoon to finally have a neurosurgeon review her MRIs and give his opinion on what her next steps should be.  After a bit of a wait while he took a look at her scans, he was to the point and up front with the situation. An MRI from back in 2008 did not show any signs of the growth, meaning that this is a much more recent development but due to its location on Marlene's brain, there is some risk in removal (continued or increased seizures if the tumor cannot be removed in its entirety). She asked the doctor what he would recommend if it was someone close to him and he confirmed that he would still advise removal over leaving the mass to most likely grow further and possibly cause more problems down the road.

At this time, there is an appointment made for Sept 8th for surgery, but updates will be provided between now and then if it requires rescheduling.

Thanks again for everyone's well wishes! We will continue to update this blog as we get more news/developments, but please feel free to leave comments for Marlene and Arno during this process.


Nyree Ruiz S. said...

Fingers crossed for a great 'shroom-picking!

Blog Administration said...

You are in my prayers Marlene. Thanks for keeping us updated.. You and your husband are in our thoughts.

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