Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Brampton Proclaims Lyme Awareness Month!

Very excited! I've just had confirmation that May 2012 will be declared Lyme Awareness Month in Brampton, Ontario! This is very good news indeed. Means that companies or groups supporting our Lyme Awareness Day on May 19, can get in on the action, posters and more.

We are working on registration forms, but people are already visiting the LymeWalkBrampton website! We put the site up early so that everyone who wants to take part, can book the date of May 19 on their calendars, and be aware of the plans happening.

Support from all levels has been wonderful, and I'm so grateful to volunteers, friends, helpers, contacts, connections, city Councillors and others for their immediate and gracious help.

The Lyme awareness items arrived yesterday - necklaces, bangles, silicone armbands, key rings, even teddy bears wearing ribbons with the green insignia, messages of courage, hope and support abound. Pictures will be uploaded and friends and family can already purchase them if they like. If we sell all before May 19, we'll just order more of the most popular items. Prices range from between $1 for the silicone wristbands to $10 or so for the Tiffany-style bracelets.  All extra funds will be donated to the Canadian Lyme Disease foundation at the end of our Awareness day.

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