Sunday, March 24, 2013

Breaking News

News for the Brampton Lyme Disease Awareness Day just keeps getting better!

First Dr. Ernie Murakami let us know that he will be on the bus to Niagara Falls on May 17 and attend the Awareness day on May 18. He is flying in from Nova Scotia for the event.
Jim Wilson in Toronto, 2011  

Last night Jim Wilson, president of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, sent email to say that he will join us on the bus to Niagara Falls as well as at the Awareness Day on May 18! He is flying in from BC.

Dr. Ernie and I, Toronto, 2011  
This is exciting news for Lymies who are planning to attend the awareness events in Brampton or Niagara Falls. Both these men have given so much of their time, their expertise and themselves to help others along the way. It would be an honour to have them here and I hope they remember to pack their smiles!

Items have started arriving from my friends far and wide across the world to be used for Silent Auction items or for prizes. One beautiful item from England is a handmade glass pendant, using rainbow fused glass and with elephants etched inside. Another is a lovely watercolour painting, sent from South Africa. Someone else donated a gift certificate for craft items, especially quilling to be ordered online. There are T-shirts and more being promised and ideas being discussed about what to send. I'm so grateful to everyone, in every way, helping to make this day a success.

The LymeWalk website has been updated and the REGISTRATION FORMS are ready for those who want to download. As soon as you are registered, by completing the forms and sending them back, we can send the fundraising package which includes everything needed to talk to your contacts.

  • On April 18 a Lyme Disease support group will meet in Nobleton, Ontario, from 7 to 9 pm. The meeting will be in the library at 8 Sheardown Drive. A flyer is on if you want to download, advertise or share.  
  • On April 19 to 21 there will be a Lyme Disease Awareness table at the Caledon Home show in Bolton, Ontario. If you are in the area, please come in and say hello! 
Below is an information sheet about the Lyme Awareness day in Brampton, May 18. The top part is the info about the Walk, including the address. The bottom part is busy, but gives the "breaking news" for everyone to be aware. Click to see a bigger view. Please share! 

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