Friday, October 11, 2013

David Suzuki and Elizabeth May about Lyme Disease in Canada

Lyme TV show with David Suzuki from last night (see blog post "Ticked Off") is online as from today. Dr. McShane, who treats many of us Canadian Lyme patients who are not allowed to get treatment in our own country, is featured, said hubby, who watched since I had to be elsewhere. Very conflicting statements, he said . Exactly what we Lymies have to try and wade through.  I've now watched the online program and emotions have been up and down. 

Who is lying and why?  If patients get better with treatment, what is the problem? Why do people like dr. Wormser, about 22 minutes into the video, still deny that Chronic Lyme disease exists? Does he think we ENJOY being sick?

The Nature of Things: David Suzuki presents "The Mystery of Lyme Disease" 

Some screen grabs, faces and names of people on the conversation for the program (click to enlarge) 

Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
Why we need a national Lyme disease strategy
The Hill Times
October 7, 2013
After tabling my bill calling for a national Lyme Disease strategy, my office has received hundreds of heart-wrenching messages from Lyme Disease sufferers and their families. Here is a sample, used with the permission of the writer. Please help us raise awareness of this dreadful illness.
“Due to my illness I have lost my consulting business which I ran for 14 years. However I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones because my family fully supports me and has made it financially and emotionally possible to regain my health. We have spent over $100,000.00 to regain my health not including lost wages.”
- B. Edwards, Abbotsford, British Columbia
Please read my latest article in the Hill Times, sign my petition in support of Bill C-442, and call your local Member of Parliament.

I know a health policy briefing should touch on all areas of health policy. We have critical issues ahead as we work to protect universal access to top-notch health care, reduce wait-times and drug costs, and meet the growing challenges of an aging population. The deficits in our mental health programs alone could occupy the House of Commons for the fall session.
That I write now about Lyme disease is because it is timely and urgent. One of the first private member’s bills slated for second reading in the next session will be Bill C-442. It calls for a National Lyme Disease strategy, and, while I am the author of the bill, I hope it will not be seen as “my bill,” but rather as a bill every Member of Parliament can champion.
[Read rest of article...]
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