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Things are really happening! I'm tempted to change the name of this blog to be "Meerkat's Hope" - instead of just a "heap" of information. What do you think?  Especially if you read on about the news below!
The heading can then look like this


Quoted from a post by Elizabeth May, MP, about Bill C-442*:

Since tabling the bill for First Reading in June 2012, my office has been inundated with letters of support. Many are from those suffering the effects of Lyme disease.  Many are from Canadians who have travelled to the U.S. to obtain treatment. I have also heard from many Members of Parliament, from all sides of the House, who hope to see it become law.

The bill is also supported by health professionals, such as the College of Family Physicians of Canada. In a letter to me, November 21, 2013, Eric J. Mang, Director, Health Policy and Government Relations, of the College of Family Physicians of Canada wrote:
The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) would like to commend you for presenting Bill C-442, National Lyme Disease Strategy.
“The CFPC supports further studying the economic and health impacts of Lyme Disease to ensure that Canadian physicians have the necessary tools and knowledge at their disposal. Guidelines produced as part of the strategy should include the input of family physicians and available to all primary health care providers.”
Bill C-442 will be going to Second Reading debate on Monday, March 3, 2014. I hope all Canadians will read the bill, and ignore efforts to distort its very sensible, scientifically sound approach. With non-partisan, and compassionate support, we can get the bill to committee and consider any changes that meet the concerns of all impacted by what can be a tragic illness.
 (~ My bold and highlighting ~ Marlene)


The popular Brampton LymeWalk (stroll, roll, etc) will be held for the third time this May! And this year, all registrations are online. No matter where you are, you can join in, register, sponsor, donate and take part virtually. Even if you can't leave your bed or your town, join in to show support and solidarity with Lyme Patients everywhere.

The Walk is part of the WorldWide Lyme Awareness effort (or call it Protest if you like).

Here are posters or graphics you can download to share, please. One can be printed upright (portrait) and the other can be printed long / flat / landscape. Or they can be printed back-to back if you wish. Click on the small image to open in a new window, and then save or print from there.

Of course, you can refer anyone to this blog post to get the images themselves.

Thank you to everyone for comments via email or direct notes when stopping by this blog.

See about Bill C-442 and why we need such a bill HERE.

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