Saturday, March 21, 2015

NO Brampton Lyme Awareness day planned for 2015

Today, March 21, was the first time anyone had asked about a possible Lyme Awareness Day in Brampton for 2015. It seems everyone is either busy with their own events, or dealing with other issues in their own lives.

My apologies. We are dealing with several health and business issues and there just is no energy left to arrange a formal Awareness Day this year.

I was thinking of maybe just doing a drop-in picnic or get-together informally in the park. I have T-shirts left from last year if that works for anyone. Possible dates available at this point to work with or arrange something low-key: May 2, May 9 or May 30, 2015.

Please check with your local town or city about any Lyme events, or arrange something yourself! All I did was go to the city to ask about a possible park, or you could ask a school or sports club for a venue. And then use friends, church members or family members with their own ideas to put together something that works for YOU.

From the onset, my personal mission has been to bring awareness and to get doctors to think about the human behind suffering patients. So much awareness was raised in the last years, and the law passed in Canada is proof of that!

THANK YOU, to all my friends and family who stood behind me and worked so hard to bring that dream to fruition. Now the lawmakers are on the bandwagon - let's hope and pray we get a Canadian Lyme Disease Act in place very soon! LINK

Blessings on your journey to health.

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