Saturday, May 13, 2006

Freebie links fixed

Without my knowledge, the links to the freebies under this blog's Tangerine post (April 2006) were disabled. The file host service where I put them, had a server crash and the links were no longer available. I've now re-uploaded them, and they are ready for download if you couldn't do so before. These are Quickpages, in either square or rectangular sizes.

I apologise if you had trouble! Once you have downloaded those, and want more, you could get these add-on tags for free as well (thumbnail to the right). Please read on below for more while you download the tags (sample right) from here.

Now that I'm a month away from SBE, my items can be shared. So - does anyone want the individual items? Please post a comment - and remember to either include your email address or blog link so I can send you a link of where to download that file for free!

Please post comments on the blog, adding a link to your blog and/or your email so I could contact you! Then continue to the freebies ...

Rectangular freebie Quickpage (read below to see preview) Download
Square freebie Quickpages (read below to see preview) Download


Grannyb said...

Meerkat, thanks for getting the links fixed for the qp's, I must be totally blind because I can't find the fixed link, can you assist me please, I would love to have them and the elements too.

Thanks in Advance


Grannyb said...

Please send me the corrected links and elements please. Thanks for sharing.


Toshia said...

i got it! thank you for the lovely freebie

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