Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stained Glass kit

Someone searched and found me, to get hold of the Stained Glass kit - glad to help, and glad you like the kit and the quickpages, Susan! Hope you enjoy the elements.

To the right is one of the pages made from the kit, but it includes 7 glass alphabets, and some coloured backgrounds, multi-coloured frames, etc. Should really get scrapping again ...

Oh yes, below is a pic of what the Stained Glass kit looks like with the other items included:

Clicking on the pic to the left should take you to a bigger view.

Clicking on the blue thumbnail above, should take you to the gallery where a bigger view is uploaded.

Have fun whatever you are doing!


LovelyMissKait said...

I love your stained glass kit. I had never seen it before.

candicolette said...

Where can I get this kit? I adore it.

candicolette said...

Sorry. Forgot email addy.

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