Monday, July 10, 2006

Three annoyed cats

Picture of the three cats, taken Sunday afternoon after we got home from gallivanting the whole weekend. They look thoroughly fed-up with us leaving them alone, don't they?

Oscar on the left, Essie with closed eyes and Chatter just giving us his masked wonder look.

We attended the Carabram (Brampton's annual multi-cultural festival), we visited the Lucas Holtom annual fair, we sold cookbooks at the weekly Farmer's Market - it was a full weekend! Pics should be uploaded to the Picasa Web gallery soon, if anyone wants to see more.

The Ukranian pavillion was utterly wonderful when the international group visited on Sunday. The Polish pavillion was something I would have gone back to and spent many more hours at, looking at the rich costumes, enjoying the dances and the music. It reminded us a lot of the South African dances called Volkspele (folk dances), in a way, but more formal.

Link to the web albums:

Raining cats and dogs here --- very happy for the rasberries in the back yard! Posted by Picasa


Fi said...

The cats are only pretending. In fact, they wait until you leave and then they haul out the music videos, crack a bottle of chardonnay, and samba round the house. ;)

Anonymous said...

Must say that it looks as though they're just biding their time, and as Fi said, they'll get up to all sorts of trix once the er.. main cats are away! Hee hee.. Don't think they'd be impressed with me if I called 'em mice... (cats away, mice will play.. gettit.. gettit?) ;0)


Tammy Dunlap said...

My 3 cats are the same way when we get back from a trip! Lol! Beautiful cats you have!

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