Friday, January 12, 2007

Tree Trekking!

Never heard of this? We've been talking about going tree trekking / tree hiking / walking in the clouds for some time now. Basically it consists of cables or suspension bridges or other combinations, linking trees together, and you walk metres above the ground, admiring different views, testing your limits and challenging yourself.

We went to Horseshoe Valley for a weekend, but with no snow, there was not much to do! The Sunday we booked ourselves on a Tree Trekking expedition, which takes 3 hours, including training. It was great! We walked on tightropes, balanced on round pieces of wood, stepped carefully on rungs that would flip over or down, flung ourselves down zip lines -- talk about exhilirating!

The layout was made with a template by Marlie from the CSE3 group, but I added some pics. A bigger view is in the 3Scrapateers gallery if you want to post feedback or have a closer look and more info.

Thanks for looking!

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