Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shutterfly book

Have you tried having some of your pictures (or layouts if you scrapbook) printed in a hardcover book? I've done one earlier in 2006 through one company, and about five since November 2006 through Shutterfly.

We are thoroughly impressed with Shutterfly's service, and the quality of the books! When one was faulty, it was replaced.

The latest book is hardcover, with some of my pictures (digital scrapbook pages) on the front and back covers, as part of the cover (not pasted on). Inside, full-bleed pages with wonderful colours have all our friends ooh-ing and aah-ing.

The Shutterfly website is quite helpful when you create your first book, but Sunni from SBE also created a step-by-step instruction page with pictures and especially hints about creating the front and back covers. Check it out if you like! The link to a text-only description is here, and a pdf document with pictures is is here.

Hubby looked at my albums, consisting of printed layouts on photo paper, and said -- these printed books will take up a lot less space, and you can read the title on the spine ... LOL So maybe that is the way of the future!

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