Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First post of 2007, and a template freebie

Blessings to all for a good and happy (and productive) 2007!

Thank you to all the people who share digital layouts, templates, ideas, sketches, elements and more. I always try to keep up with sharing and such, but --- Real Life gets in the way, doesn't it?

However, I've tried my hand at creating a scrapbook layout template. If you haven't discovered templates yet, please look at some of the blogs linked on the right, or the SBB or SBE store. Templates make scrapbooking easy! (see notes below is this is an unfamiliar term) You fill the shapes with the papers or elements of your choice, add your pictures and journaling, and you are done.

I've tried to make a template of a favourite layout made some years ago. The template is 12x12 inch (square), at 300 ppi, but can be resized as you like. Please remember to leave a comment ("leave some love") if you download the template, and post your layout link when you use it so we can see and comment for you! We all love comments ...

Layout is here if you want to see a bigger view: Laughter

Template can be downloaded from here in psd format (this is my first try to save as psd; hope it works!) or in several png files from here.
Look on the page for the small "download file" link - you might have to wait a few seconds for it to appear.

To post comments, scroll down, and look for the small link that says "post comment" at the end of this blog entry.

Most templates are done in layered format, so that you can open and fill each shape individually. They could be in Photoshop (psd) or layered PNG formats, with transparency. If it still sounds like gibberish, just do a Google for tutorial scrapbooking templates or something. Julie Kelley has a great tutorial for using layered templates on her blog.


Tanya/TiggerRD said...

Thanks for the template - your pet peeve 4x6 card is a good idea - we don't have that problem (except with my father-in-law and he would take offense to seeing something like that), but I'm hoping it solves yours.

Anonymous said...

Love your Template. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn M

Fernanda said...

Thanks for sharing this template. I love it.

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