Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lyme walk in Virginia Beach, May 21, 2011

May is Lyme Awareness month.
Great big thank you to my friend Amanda, her husband Paul and their son Edwill for getting together a group to take part in the Lyme Walk in Virginia Beach!
She asked for my picture to put on their T-shirts, but the closest I could get was to use an image of my familiar, so to speak, the meerkat.

I can load a bigger version of the image if anyone else wants to use it on a T-shirt or something --- and my thanks to all, for getting the message across.

The walk is officially called, Walk to Defeat Lyme Disease. More information can be found on the link here if you are interested.

** In Canada, there will be lots of walks and rallies going on. Join us in Ottawa at Parliament Hill if you are anywhere near there on May 6, 2011!
More information and time for the rally can be found on the link here.

To see a bigger view of this poster on the right, please click HERE.
Thanks for reading and sharing!

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