Sunday, April 24, 2011

Awakening for Easter

Easter Sunday -- such a most excellent day was today! Full of energy, good hope, and fewer symptoms. Just for today, a good day.

Saw a healer on Tuesday, got lots of supplements, and have been using them along with the Auum oil and Oreganol for the past few days. If they helped, then great, but I think the main improvement was the re-discovery of hope again, and the sloughing off of the feeling of sorrow and probably a sort of mourning since March 17.

The music in church was so great, and singing the beloved songs, to be with the Easter people - how very blessed I am to be fighting Lyme Disease with the help of those who care and support!

Thank you, my friends.


Smurfochin said...

You amaze with all you do and all you have accomplished. Prayers and blessings.

Smurfochin said...

You amaze me with all you and all you have accomplished. Prayers and blessings with you always.

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