Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Politics of Lyme Disease

(download link is below)

A friend gave me pages from a magazine with a long, detailed article about Lyme Disease, an infected farmer and his struggles to get diagnosed and treated in Canada.
Lots of information, details, pictures, quotes, interviews with other people, stories from other patients and their (mis)treatment by the medical profession, etc.

I've scanned and made a PDF of the article, since the magazine does not make it available online. If you want to download and print to read, please go to the 4shared link. The folder contains also two of the recorded items a friend made for me (one from May 2010 and the other from May 2011).

Choose the file you want to download and a new screen opens. Click the green Download button and wait for the countdown to reach 0 before you can see the download link.

Link to the page to download: Click!

Article is from the magazine, "Better Farming", May 2011 edition.

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