Sunday, December 04, 2011

Donkey Sanctuary

It was raining most of today, but we wanted to go get our Christmas tree. We stopped at the Donkey Sanctuary and got some lovin' in for the animals there. Since it was so wet, we didn't get to be very close to the donkeys, but did get some ears to rub, faces to scratch, velvety noses to pet and pictures of different critters.

This quote with the two donkeys in the background touched me especially.
A few more pictures are HERE

Afterwards we went to pick a Christmas tree from a nearby farm. Very weird with not a speck of snow around, though! We chose a very fat little spruce. Jaco, wearing only a T-shirt with a sweater over, was pulling the tree sled and was freezing cold as soon as we were among the growing trees to pick our own! We always try to get a fat tree, and this one was no different. It fills the corner in the house and the rabbit was sniffing the air. At least there's the smell of Christmas now, even without snow!

On the health front. The Lyme is being a pain again. Been having sore neck, various pains, headache, fever and all those familiar old friends again. But, if I allow those things to tie me down, I'll never get to go out, or spend time with the family, or make memories. So, pay a little for time out, rather than be tied to home and bed. Fair exchange, no?

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