Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodreads to the rescue

I've always loved reading, since before starting school and am never without a book. Earlier this year I bought an Aluratek Libre e-reader to help with the eyes being affected by Lyme Disease, and to avoid having to hold heavy large-print books with the painful wrists. Falling apart and all that, you know!

It is becoming harder to keep track of books read, to be read, recommended, or read and enjoyed before.

For Christmas, the Hubby surprised me with a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet, which has a wonderful display for ebooks. I could download applications to add both Kindle and Kobo books, but am struggling with the Adobe Digital Editions installation. No matter, enough books bought and loaded through Amazon and Chapters!

If you're not familiar with Goodreads and like to read, check it out from the links here below! I'll try to add this widget or gadget or whatever it is called, to the right-hand side of this blog.

Anyone from South Africa reading here -- I've been trying for years to buy or order or find two books, both by Elsabe Steenberg: "Dat ek mag sien" and "Rooi Kanarie Hoepelbeen". Both have had a profound influence on me, and were never forgotten, even after decades. Years later I entered into a letter-writing with the author and we continued that until shortly before she died. So, if anyone finds any of those books in a second-hand bookstore or somewhere, let me know how I can pay for them, please! I did bring along another favourite, "Die Heuningwolk" by Maretha Maartens.

Let's see if this Goodreads widget works in the blog!

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Powell River Books said...

We are Kindle users. I like the portability and my husband loves the large print option for his eyes. He writes books about the BC coast and the Powell River area that might be of interest to you. The first, Up the Lake, is only 99 cents, but maybe a little more at Amazon here in Canada. - Margy

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