Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lyme is a Cryme

Plans for the Lyme Awareness Day Walk / Run / Wheel / Stroll are going ahead!

This week we're planning to go to the park to look at the paths and layout. We're arranging a Penny Sale, which is always fun for everyone to play along. Kids of all ages enjoy posting their tickets for the chance of winning a prize.

Check out the website created to host the walk info, registration forms when they're ready, and other items. It was just registered yesterday and still working through all the servers, so the link might not be active today!

Two options: is the registered site. But while it is yeasting through the interwebs, try going to grab a sneak peak at what we're working on here:

The graphic above is one I quickly put together, but Jenni is working on the proper thing in her style!

*First post about the Lyme Walk in Brampton

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