Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lyme Walk in Brampton: May 19, 2012

Chingaucousy Park (pronounced Ching-go-kuzy park) in the middle of Brampton, Ontario, is a huge park, consisting of 100 acres filled with pathways, trees, picnic spots, restrooms, a petting zoo, greenhouse, tennis courts and more. It is close to the City centre, bus terminal and the airport.

Why is this important? Because with the support of Her Worship, Susan Fennel, the mayor of Brampton, a Lyme Disease Awareness Walk will be held in the park on May 19, 2012!

This is early yet, but I'm hoping to secure helpers, volunteers, supporters, sponsors for T-shirts and people to either walk for themselves or for someone who is too sick to walk. The Faces of Lyme disease need to be seen, to show through sheer numbers how important this issue is. We need doctors to be aware and to do early diagnosis, we need better and more secure testing, we need public awareness, and we need protection for doctors and patients alike. Most important: Patients need to be treated in Canada instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours to travel to doctors in the USA!

More about Ching Park, with pictures, map and bus schedule is HERE.
Information will follow and perhaps a Facebook page created to have immediate feedback.

Again - this is very early, but I hope it means people can get this on their schedule!
T-shirt design by Jenni

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chillin with Quillin said...

that is awesome, good luck and sending my prayers !!!!

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