Friday, November 09, 2012

Disappointment and new protocol

Remember the reference I made to the big news we might have on November 7? I didn't want to get too excited ---
We had submitted a proposal to do a presentation at the ROMA (Rural Ontario Municipalities Association) in February 2013, and we had the support of several Councillors like Mayor Marolyn Morrison. We just heard that we lost by only 2 votes. We won't be going to the conference to present Lyme disease and the plight of Lymies in Ontario and Canada. However, she will present the same proposal to the agenda of the AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) for their conference in August in Ottawa.

Disappointed --- but still glad that there was a long discussion around the proposal and that many of the people attending, heard more about Lyme and hopefully will be thinking about it! Every little push helps in the groundswell.

I haven't yet heard back if the write-up I submitted to be presented at the FCM in Ottawa on November 19 needed anything else. But maybe no news is good news! The most important is that the FCM will hear about Lyme, and then we'll hear what next. 

Joe and I will be at the Ontario Federation of Agriculture on November 18 and 19, manning an information table while the OFA has their Convention. Hopefully we can get many of them to notice. We'll be sure to have petitions there - be it the one from Elizabeth May or the one from David Tilson, or the one from the WHO!

On another front: I've started my new protocol this morning. That means, back on the ugly yellow Mepron (which gave me very vivid dreams and almost waking hallucinations last time), still on Malarone, adding a Sulpha drug and the Bab-2. Took the first doses this morning. I'm still waiting for the Tinidazole which has to come from a compounding pharmacy and they haven't called yet.
New protocol started today, Nov. 9, 2012
People are talking about massive migraines while on Tinidazole. There's talk about the Bab-2 putting strong sportsmen in bed from herxing. So, we'll wait and see what it does to me and my funny body when all things are in! The picture above is of a few of the things taken this morning.

Getting excited about all the activity around the Lyme Awareness planned worldwide for May 2013! People are getting to talk to their towns and cities to ask about possibilities, and thinking about what they can do, get friends and families to help with and to push for more awareness. Canada page  and the Worldwide page if you want to look.

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chillin with Quillin said...

sorry it didnt pass, but glad your still moving on with it, I really feel for you on what your going through, I pray the meds work for you and theres no bad side effects, take care !!!

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