Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Trying to keep up with happenings

So many things have happened since we came back after seeing Dr. McS! I'll try to update or recap. But keep reading -- there's big stirrings going on!

Essie holding on to my hand
Rather than talking about my Lyme, it is much more fun to be occupied by one of our three cats, who missed us very much while we were away. Here's Essie, who thinks she owns me, taking hold of my hand with both paws to try and drag it off the laptop. She thinks she has the only right to be on top of my lap and not some machine!

Several people asked what the previous post meant, with all the names of the medications and such. "Are you still sick?" was the most popular question. I guess so, even though I don't want to admit it, haha!

In short, I'm still being treated for Lyme and the co-infections of Babesia and Bartonella, plus a protozoa infection. Some of the medications we can't get in Canada, so had to fill the prescription while in the States. Some capsules would have to be made at a compounding pharmacy - and thanks to the advice and emails of caring Lymies about how to do this!

I don't have the new protocol's prescriptions yet. Money and time, you know. I'm continuing on some of the meds I still have from the previous protocol, plus the supplements, of course: Cat's Claw, Grapefruit seed extract, Vit C from rosehips, Vit. B, Auum oil, Oregano oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Resveratrol, Olive Leaf - er, there are more, I'm sure. [Blog post about the previous protocol.]

For the most part, I'm feeling good, other than the exhaustion and lack of energy. All the drama and damage are going on inside the body and I only notice at the fit of my jeans how the state of things might be, but nobody else might even notice.

But, enough of that!

Lots of exciting things happening on the Lyme front, which is much more fun to talk about.

Many of you know that May is Lyme Awareness Month, and this year I've tried to get proclamations to that effect from several cities and towns. Trying to keep the momentum going for next year!

Reporting back on events:
  • After the meeting with David Tilson, MP, there is now a petition in his office to ask for a National Lyme Strategy. He has a picture that will go in his regular newsletter and he promised to read and report on signatures collected in the House. 
  • Sylvia Jones, MPP, has written a letter to Deb Matthews, Ontario's Health Minister, to ask what is being done for Lyme disease patients. 
  • Following up after the delegation to the Region, I've sent a piece to be read on November 19 in Ottawa. Waiting for feedback to work on the wording, etc. 
  • Front page of the Facebook page
    • Nov 19 and 20 - Information table at the Annual Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) Convention
    • Nov. 20 - I'll talk to a Trefoil Guild
    • Date to be announced - garden club
    • Date to be announced - Rotary club

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chillin with Quillin said...

I still drop in and check on you,and whats going on, even though I may not comment always.
I think your doing a great job, but remember to take care of yourself and dont spread yourself to thin !!!!

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