Friday, February 08, 2013

Snow day!

My goodness, what a wonderful, special day we have had! All snowed in --- tried to leave earlier this morning, but the car wouldn't get out of the driveway into the street. There wasn't that much snow down at that point, but the icy layer underneath just had the wheels spinning uselessly. It took several minutes just getting back into the driveway!

I kept taking pictures, and the one of the garbage can in the back yard gives a great idea of how the white stuff built up during the day. First one was taken at 8:15 am, the middle one at 1:30 pm, and the third one at 4:09 pm.

Early this morning, I put up a pot of soup, adding whatever was in the fridge in the form of veggies.
Not having used a bread machine in years, I've bought a bread mix from a Bulk Barn on Wednesday and that went on to be ready by late afternoon. The house smelled beautiful! But, as Marilyn says, better to just use the machine to knead and rise the dough, then it should be baked in the oven. This one filled the pan to overflowing and we had to cut it out, but it tastes great with a crispy crust.


Things are starting to develop for this year! Several towns and cities will proclaim May as Lyme Disease Awareness month, and more letters are going out. The list is being updated on the Brampton Lyme Walk website,

Various people are doing various things and together we hope to bring a lot of awareness, help, support, outreach and whatever else is needed.

Yesterday was my first full day without any antibiotics (as posted on January 31). I'm taking the Bab-2 and it is utterly lovely not to have to watch the reminders to swallow pills at set times during the day. If the body behaves, it would feel like a holiday.

Still snowing --- let's hope the ticks will not be around this summer!
I hope you and yours stayed safe today. Good thing so many schools were closed. Remember the mess a few years ago in Buffalo, when so many cars and school buses got stuck on various roads and some kids were left in the schools for days?

Today would have been my younger brother's 48th birthday. He died of Hodkin's disease in 1976, five days before his 11th birthday.

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chillin with Quillin said...

wow alot of snow, good thing you didnt leave your driveway and get stuck away from home. homemade soup sounds good and the bread to,lol. Glad to hear your still doing good, take care and keep warm!!!

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