Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lyme Disease Awareness Event in Brampton

 Plans for the Lyme Disease Awareness event in Brampton are starting to come together.

We have the date: May 18, 2013.

We almost have the space nailed down after which we can plan the shape the event will take. We know it will be in Ching park again, but the exact spot in the park isn't totally final yet.

Like last year, this will be a family-friendly effort available to all, so please ask friends and family to keep the date. Since it is a long weekend, many people might be visiting elsewhere but others might have visitors staying with them. Bring them along to enjoy the beauty of Chinguacousy Park with a picnic you can share! The park is also accessible by public transport which stops at the corner of Queen and Bramalea, and the Bramalea Terminal is a short walk away if you need to transfer.

If you are going to be away but would like to add a dollar or two as "seed money" to help with printing of flyers, brochures and paperwork, that would be very much appreciated. If you wish to donate to one of the three Lyme Disease charities, that can be done now as well! Friends and family can do the same, so please send them the link. For the donations, tax receipts will be issued immediately.


Thank you in advance!

If you have a blog or website and want to grab one of these Awareness Day ads to help advertise our event, please do. The square one at the top or the long skinny one on the right might suit your layout. If you need something smaller or different, please EMAIL me with your request and dimensions. Be sure to link your button either to this blog post or to the LymeWalk website.

There is also a Facebook page to share with friends if you play around there.

Any funds raised will be donated to charitable Lyme Disease awareness organizations, as listed in the Donations page.


There have been several people mentioning the need to talk to others who are dealing with Lyme Disease. Not only the patients, but also their caregivers, friends and family need the support which can only come from others in the same situation.

I have available venues, depending on the date, time and place needed. Best days for me would be a Wednesday or Thursday, with Monday or Tuesday as a second choice. My time would be more flexible on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Are you interested? Please send email so we can see if this is a serious need. A support group would fall under the LDAO (Lyme Disease Association of Ontario) and then under the bigger umbrella of CanLyme (Canadian Lyme Disease foundation).

Did you sign the petition yet, to ask for a Canadian Protocol in dealing with Lyme Disease? See the link at the top of this page or contact me to bring one down for you to sign. We can meet in a coffee shop if you like!

==> Important previous post: More Canadian Lyme patients losing their doctors 

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chillin with Quillin said...

wish you lots of good luck on the event !!!
take care !!!

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