Saturday, June 01, 2013

Worldwide Lyme suffering

May is over. This was one of the busiest but also most rewarding months, creating awareness around Lyme Disease. People from all over the world took part in events, told their stories, stood up and asked for support, better tests, the right to treatment and the right to live their lives. I'm so grateful to have met so many people, working together, giving what time and energy, ideas and support they could muster so that others would be spared the pain so many of us had to live through.

Charlotte Therese Björnström from Sweden, who has suffered from this awful disease for 25 years, put together a video from footage, pictures and sound clips people sent from all over to create a small glimpse for others to see and share. There are voices from Australia, USA, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Canada .... translations are part of the film. For your own education, please take twenty minutes to watch it and to share with others:

The original music used as soundtrack in this video was written and performed by a young woman battling Lyme Disease herself. She is 19, lives in Australia and has been sick for ten years -more than half her life. Her name is Emily Madden*.

Right These Wrongs
We've been through a lot, we've been through it all, 
One day we stumble, the next day we fall.
Like anyone else we had dreams. 

Our lives were alight, once burning bright. 
Now fading each day is an uphill fight. 
And like anyone else, we want life. 

Join us one, join us all. Unified we stand tall 
Our voices loud, our resolve strong.
Join us one, join us all. Unified we stand tall. 
To regain our lives and to right these wrongs. 

Identities lost, but only for now 
'Cause through all this pain, a strength has been found. 
And with everyone else, we'll be heard ...

Join us one, join us all. Unified we stand tall 
Our voices loud, our resolve strong.
Join us one, join us all. Unified we stand tall
to regain our lives and to right these wrongs. 

We're not disappearing like they want us to. 
We're not going anywhere, anytime soon. 

This disease is spreading way too fast, and none of us can understand why we have to struggle so to get tested, diagnosed and treated. If diagnosed and treated early enough, it is completely curable. If left to ravage the whole body, nervous system, and all organs, it takes much longer to get under control. The treatment itself can do damage to the body, just like cancer treatment causes people to lose their hair, nausea and possible damage to healthy cells.

We are not trying to create panic or pandemonium. We want people to be educated and informed so that they can protect themselves. Look at it as giving you a safety belt or a parachute - what you do with it, is your decision.

Next event I'll be handing out information, with the help of friends, will be at Caledon Day on June 15. If you are anywhere near the counties of Peel, Halton Hills or Caledon in Ontario, see if you can drop by. Entertainment is free and ends at 11 pm with a fireworks show.

*Emily's story link: Emily's sick but Australia doesn't recognize her disease

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