Monday, October 29, 2012

Lyme state report

Well then.
All is still well (unwell?) In the state of my body with Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia, says dr. McS.
I'm doing better for the most part, but she thinks the Babesia is causing the sweats, so wants to keep me on the Malarone (malaria meds, 4 a day).
The Bartonella is causing the bruising that just started again all over the legs, the stabbing headaches and both Babs and Bart might cause the insomnia.
She also thinks there's a bunch of protozoa on the march ---

She wants me to try going on Tinidazole - if not able to get that, then back on Metrodinazole.
It has been making me sick to the point of vomiting, lack of appetite and exhaustion, though. So - couldn't find Tinidazole, I would have to order and then drive through to Niagara Falls, NY sometime this week to go pick up. Lots of driving with this disease, mostly around the bend!
Rest of the prescriptions: She'll be hitting the bugs hard with Sulfa and Mepron again, along with Malarone (vivid dreams, here I come again! Hallucinations galore on those two last time.) Also ended in the wheelchair last summer while on that combo, with lots of hip pain which made it hard to even walk a few feet.
I have a prescription for Alinia for future use if needed.
Bab2 is the herbal detox I have to keep for the Alinia or can start using now, but it is very strong.
Herxes will be strong.
With the big Frankenstorm approaching and all sorts of systems on the way, it might be an interesting few days for me.
She has people who get horrible die-offs with full moon and high tides, storms and pressure systems. All the bugs come out in force, she says.
Walking out of the office after my appointment, another Lymie was waiting, of course. They're from the town next to ours, the parents came to our Lyme walk in May. Mariah and I got our picture taken. She looks exhausted, poor girl. What a dreadful disease this is when it gets its claws into a body! Things just have to change, that's for sure.
Out with a fistful of prescriptions, to Target to fill some - and several hundred dollars later out with only two bottles. The rest will have to be filled.
But - we tried the Green Mountain coffee as Johanne recommended, as well as some peach frozen yogurt - both utterly delicious!
Driving back through the top of New York now on the way back home, we stopped for gas (petrol) and saw they were selling green mountain coffee too so we had to get a refill! The lady's name is Marlene as well and everyone who came in to pay, greeted her by name - which made me jump!
No rain so far, but it is all cloudy and the wind is picking up. Crossing the bridge back through customs into Canada, the water far below looks cold and with white caps as the wind is starting to whip.
I tried to get some of the pictures from the Nikon to the Blackberry to share - but no go through the sulking tablet. There are some funny ones! Still several hours of driving left, though. But so far so good, and not nearly as tired (yet) as the last time when we came back!
Thanks for all the messages, fun and facebook notes on the drive yesterday. It helped me relax a whole heap to chuckle through them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene,

Dr. MCs also put me on tinidazole... you can get this from KRIPPS Pharmacy (Compounding) out west in BC. It's about $100 +. they will ship to you

Email me at if you need to know more... thanks!

LuBelle said...

Hi Marlene,

You may wish to try Port Credit Village Pharmacy 905-278-7237. Soeak with Fahad he does the compounding there. They will ship out via UPS.

There is also Smith's Pharmacy and York Down's Pharmacy, both in the GTA who do alot of compounding...No need to get from the USA on this one.

If you need more info you may contact me at


MeerkatMarlene said...

Thank you so much, both of you, for your feedback and information~! I really appreciate it. I called and made arrangements, then found a compounding pharmacy in my own town who would be willing to help out. We're in the process of getting things done.

Sending you only the best wishes and thoughts.

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