Friday, May 16, 2014

Green Niagara Falls and CN Tower this weekend

This weekend, May 16 - 18, 2014, will be a big one since more than 50 Lyme Disease Awareness events all over the world will be happening! Here is an interactive map as well as several posts about events happening worldwide (Link will open in a new window CLICK)

Here in Ontario, there will be green lights on the CN Tower on Saturday, May 17. The lights will be visible when it gets dark enough and will stay the whole night apart from the usual red and white lights on the hour, every hour, to honour Canada. Picture below was taken when we attended the green lights at the CN Tower in 2013, trying to get the attention of any media. This year, as usual, media was slow in reporting this event. Only 680 News so far gave some notice about the green lights on these Canadian icons. 

For two blocks of time of 15 minutes each, at 10: 30 pm and 11 pm on Saturday night, there will be green lights on both the American and Canadian falls of Niagara Falls. Picture below was taken when a large group attended - more pictures elsewhere on this blog if you look in the search box. 

IN THE NEWS:  Very interesting article in the little magazine, "Prevention", by Katherine Harmon Courage. The article explains why one man volunteered to have 8 of the blood-sucking ticks attached to his leg, to help with research.  LINK 

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