Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Third annual Brampton LymeWalk

Hard to believe, but the LymeWalk is over! Once again a success, thanks to friends, volunteers and people trying to give the help and support we Lymies so desperately need.

Some pictures help to tell the story. The T-shirt features our usual Brampton tick and the Lyme green awareness ribbon.

People started arriving from around 9 am, many to register in person because they had a lot of trouble registering on the Running Room website. Tables were set up with information about other Lyme groups, to share and connect. 

Of course the Lyme Mobile was there to be admired, draw attention, be photographed and lead the Walk once we started! Thanks as always to Colony Ford for this wonderful tool to create awareness. 

People gathering around the registration table, buying white T-shirts, making donations for bracelets or green T-shirts and decals for a vehicle or window. 

The help of my patient, supportive husband is invaluable with all these Lyme awareness events!

Various green decorations made their appearance to get the point across! This young girl sported bright green nail polish and partenered that with one of the green silicone bracelets. 

Even the dogs had green ribbons! 

I made earrings out of green silicone bracelets. Green socks, shoelaces and sunglasses featured on several participants. 

Thank you to so many helpers and friends who gave their time! 

The silent auction table had many items, but several were not sold. Kijiji might have to help out here!

Time for pictures before the start of the Walk. 

The Lyme Mobile nosing through to lead the way!

Remember that the CN Tower in Toronto, both Falls in Niagara Falls and the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie will be bathed in green lights for Lyme Disease Awareness on Saturday, May 17th from around 9 p.m. There will be groups of people wearing green at each of these locations to hand out information, make noise, take pictures and to create awareness about this fast spreading disease. 

  • View some pictures from 2013, when the CN tower went green and we attended in good spirits, despite the sudden cold! LINK  of some digital pictures and (2) LINK of SLR pictures
  • Pictures from 2013 when Niagara Falls went green: LINK 

NOTE: There are T-shirts available if anyone would like to order one to be mailed. There are green shirts from our previous events as well, available for a donation and shipping costs. Most sizes left are L, XL and XXL

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