Wednesday, July 15, 2015

One surgery down!

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Thank you so much to many people all over the world for messages and care, prayer circles and more after the previous two posts on this blog.  We appreciate each one and stand amazed at the concern of friends and strangers.

Arno had his surgery today.  All went well.  I spoke to the surgeon afterwards and he was pleased with the outcome.

Only the left side of the thyroid was removed, which is good news indeed.  The right side was left and will be tested in about six weeks.  If enough hormones are manufactured, he won't have to go on medication.

The part that was removed, will be tested and the results will be back in about ten days.  If it is clear (no cancer) a second surgery to remove the rest of the thyroid won't be necessary.

The stitches will be removed in a week and the wound checked.  There is currently a drain to remove any fluid.  He is staying the night because of the C-pap machine (sleep apnea) and should be discharged by lunchtime tomorrow if the doctor is satisfied. Then he has to take it easy for a few days.  No lifting things, no driving, no stress, rest, etc.

For those who might not know, the thyroid is like a butterfly around the throat. See image below.

From Thyroid Gland

Arno's incision today with draining tube in place.

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