Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Long overdue update

Where did the days go? A common lament these days, it would seem. I've been meaning to update - but something always happened to eat the time available.

All in all, good news all around.

Arno had his Radioactive Iodine treatment in December. He was kept completely isolated in a room for two days and the third day his readings showed that his body did a good job and he could come home.

During his checkup in February we were told that the only absorption of the RAI was around the throat area. That means he is cancer-free and that nothing has spread elsewhere in his body. He has to have another scan and checkup in a few weeks.

His meds seem to be balanced enough and he hasn't complained of anything, but we have to keep watching it. Since he has no thyroid, he has to use medication to replace those hormones.


I saw the brain surgeon on April 18, after an MRI on April 9. He is quite happy with the healing. The picture on the right was taken with the cell phone off his screen, so not very clear,

About driving - that has to be seen! Need to make an appointment with the neurologist who saw me in the hospital and he has to complete the forms to apply for reinstatement of the licence. Then the MTO will take up to 30 days to review the file and decide if I'm to be allowed to drive again. On June 14, it will be a year and after that it will be much harder to try and get the licence back.

In February we went to see Dr. McShane again. She concluded that my Lyme, Babesia and Bartonalla are all still active and on the go. But I didn't want to go the antibiotics road again and am using some alternative ideas, with the urging of a specialist, the support of another specialist and the knowledge of my family doctor.

Some fun events have happened in the mean time!

One joyful occasion was to be part of the cast of a Murder Mystery production. The title: Sam's Last Safari. Poor Sam, the winner of a lottery after a spell by a witch doctor, took an entourage back to Africa. His aim was to bring back a pet lion ... but he ended up being eaten by one!

Much hilarity ensued and the cast had a ball.

There were some travels, wine tasting as usual in the Niagara region with a group of good friends, and lots of work being done. 

Alf Clausen
In December, we celebrated the 100th birthday of my good friend Carolyn's father. Same day as Frank Sinatra, nogal! What a party. Family came from near and far, even from overseas, to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Of course there were congratulations from Queen Elizabeth, and various officials, as well as on radio and TV. 

His grandson (40-ish himself) shared a film he made by interviewing granddad. Alf showed his daily exercises, which include weights, cycling while on his back on a yoga mat, and more. He keeps busy by dancing, dining, card and domino games with friends, walking, church, and reading every label of food he eats. What an example he is! 

We also had snow into April - even though our usual snowy month of February had nothing! My poor snowdrops were encased in ice during an ice storm as well. Such brave little blooms! Hopefully, the warmer weather is here to stay now. What would Canadians talk about, if not the weather??

Thank you for reading, whatever your reasons might be.

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