Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lyme Conference in May, Ottawa

After many discussions and delays, the conference that is required under federal Bill C-442 will take place May 16th and 17th in Ottawa (a Monday/Tuesday). We would like to have a public forum evening, preferably on Sunday May 15th, but the details will be decided by the planning committee for the conference.  

The conference is open to the public and medical professionals, and will be live-streamed online. More information can be found here

If you wish to attend any sessions in person, you would have to register by completing this form


We need more people to register online for the Webinar of the May 15 to 17 conference  EVEN IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO WATCH PLEASE REGISTER 

The numbers are low so far and we need to show them there is a lot of interest !! 

Have your family and friends register as well !!  Once they have registered they are more likely to watch. 


 Bill C-442 is an Act to Create a National Lyme Disease Strategy. 
Read more on this blog post, please. 

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