Saturday, May 07, 2011

After the Lyme Rally

YESSSS! We did it!! About 50 or 60 of us, several with canes, some in wheelchairs, others supported by family and friends, gathered at Parliament Hill, Ottawa on May 6. The weather was beautiful, and all of us could find hope, support, love and shared stories in the process. Trudy, you done good, girl!

Trudy, with the cane, arranged the rally. To the right is James Christie, who has suffered from Lyme for 21 years, but with the help of Steve (picture link at the end of this entry), is hopefully well enough, stubborn enough, and planning to cycle 2000 km around Ontario to bring Lyme Awareness.

We want a few basic rights: To have better tests, more awareness, support for the disease, and the right to be treated in Ontario / Canada instead of having to go to the USA. Read the signs --- and know, whenever you meet a Lymie, no matter how good they seem to be, there is always, always pain. We learn to hide it well!


If you want one of the T-shirts, please read the next entry in this blog, just below this one, or click on the right of the page to go to the earlier entries.

Link to the radio interview with Goldhawk on "Goldhawk Fights Back" was recorded by a friend, will be cleaned up from ads and the download link added to the blog soon if anyone is interested.

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