Monday, May 09, 2011

Starting the restricted Lyme diet (doctor's orders)

With the added diagnoses of Babesia and Bartonella infections, the doctor was serious about me sticking to a very strict diet to starve the bugs and support the antibiotics: No yeast, sugar, white flour, cheese, mushrooms, overripe fruit, alcohol in any form, and a few other things. For the anaemia, eat red meat and have as much green veggies as possible.

So - we went shopping to see what we could find. It is not easy to find something that has all three the requirements of no yeast, no sugar and no white flour! But we managed and I baked some muffins last night. Should have added Stevia (sweetener) to the mix and not just the poppy seeds and lemon juice!

Picture of some of the items we bought. The blue box is the Stevia sweetener, for when needed. I've given up most sugar anyway, but it would be nice to add to home-made tomato sauce for pasta, and we've added it to home-made lemonade as well.

Breakfast was the usual IsaGenix shake with berries. Lunch (too late, though - was feeling very wobbly by then as the blood pressure plummeted) was brown rice, broccoli and red pepper and Arno put a steak on the bbq with just Montreal spice on it. Fried onions on top - bug-busting capabilities in onions and garlic!
Isn't it pretty?

Since it was Mother's Day, Theo wanted to cook a special meal. He did his best to stay within the restrictions, even though I told him I won't keel over just yet! He made it all mostly green --- in "honour" of Lyme Disease month. Made his own pesto sauce which I enjoyed on the salad, and the grilled chicken was delicious! Dessert was fresh strawberries, sprinkled with a little bit of Stevia.

All in all, not a bad day of sticking to the rules! I'll miss the potatoes yet, and the mushrooms, not to mention the cheese ... but at least eggs are allowed!

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