Sunday, May 01, 2011

T-shirt and buttons for the Ottawa Lyme Rally

Struggled with yet another neglected Lyme-related eye infection in the left eye last week. Opthalmologists didn't know what to do. Hopefully help will be coming from a doctor in the USA, who went out of his/her way to arrange a cancelled appointment for me. (I'm keeping it ambiguous for protection. Don't think we're paranoid. We've been proven right and we're doing our best to protect our few LLMDs left (Lyme-Literate Medical Doctors).

We spent the weekend, among other things, making a few T-shirts for the Ottawa rally. As it happens, next Sunday will also be Crazy T-shirt day at church, and I can use the same shirt for that, as well as boost May as Lyme Awareness month in Brampton!

There might be three extra T-shirts left, all size Large, if you would like one. Just to cover my costs, $12 should do it. Let me know if you want one, please?

Also made about a dozen of these buttons below, three slightly different designs, all featuring the green ribbon and the legend "May is Lyme Awareness Month". Those should go for about $1.50 to cover costs. The paper inside is transfer paper, so can also be used to iron onto the pocket of a T-shirt or something later if you wish. Size is about 2.5 inch / 7 cm in diameter.

Let's make this May a very Lyme Aware month! Never know when the knowledge might help save someone else's life or sanity.

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

I would really like one of the Lyme disease awareness t-shirts. Do you have any left that I could purchase?

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